Gemini/Cancer Disseminating Moon—October 15

Thinking, thinking, thinking, and the twirly buzzing that accompanies thoughts in progress—thoughts being pondered, considered, deconstructed, theorized, philosophized, analyzed, or criticized… the mind is swirling with possibility.

However, amid all the chaos of cerebral chatter, the moon wades out into the ocean, into Cancer… and just like that [snapping my fingers] it’s time to feel again—our minds are on overload.

Interestingly, the sun has just moved into the second decan of Libra—a decan governed by Mercury, and the 4 of swords (which would represent the element of air), but also conjures much of the watery resoluteness of feeling oneself into ‘elsewhere’, as in an isolation chamber, and nurturing oneself with sleep, dreams, rest, respite, retreat, recuperation or repair… read about it here…

Beyond that—at this point—is the horizon, just beyond an endless blur of undulating ocean and mirage…

And so we have a Cancer moon before morning tea here on the west coast—around lunch on the east coast… however rational your previous thoughts were—these now begin to mush and morph into more irrational feelings toward these thoughts, confusing the whole premise, purpose, perspective, or perhaps something more—projective.

It may be at this point in the day our own thoughts turn against us and we begin to feel defensive…

Hopefully not.

Hopefully you’re able to raise your frequency. Because there’s a vast amount of elevating personal evolution available to you now.

Today’s moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests we “think about our internal walls, the ones that we erect for self-protection, and check to see if they’re really still needed… and if they are, to determine whether their in good working order and not full of holes…”

The energy available today inspires the ‘spiritual courage in facing life’s deeper questions…’

All these questions you likely have—if you’re up for it, the answers are likely within reach, and very likely already within you… though very very deeply within.

If you are able and willing to raise your consciousness beyond your comfort levels even just a smidge and thereby elevate your personal being-ness—the next step is to then learn new ways of communicating your needs and desires that is much more… received.

This is a lot, I get it… but so very, very worth it.

Finally, embracing a sense of faith—because, again, the answers you seek remain, quite likely, buried deep, deep within the squishiest place you’ve guarded with those hefty internal barriers… it’s all the seemingly small stuff that, over time, begins to take up much more space.

What else could you be doing with that space?

Are you able to re-acquire that space?—and begin purging all that stifles or smothers your squish…

If I may—I recommend gazing up at the stars tonight… because there’s so much unknowable knowing up above—sometimes we just need to remember this—to remember that we know… and sometimes we could all use a single twinkly reminder that sometimes only the vast expanse of blackness offers: we’re all just doing the best we can and shining as brightly as we’re able.

The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.


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