Cancer Disseminating Moon—October 16

Oh!—these damn squares to Chiron from Cancer!

Last month it was on September 19th, through a degree describing longing, and hunger satisfied… what I wrote last time emphasized efforts in temporary fulfillment, as well as…

❝Today’s moon squares Chiron—ouch!—and this always implies an effort of healing the inherent brokenness. Still, moderation is very much a component of today’s vibrations… it may be all too easy to overindulge or gorge oneself in the most unhealthy ways, for whatever reason—ultimately, to self-soothe, which is always one’s soul right—but not when it becomes unhealthy, to the symbolic flashing red of a stop sign of addiction or excessive routine overindulgence… and it’s likely that today touched upon a point of discomfort for you…

And, last month—it was a balsamic moon… that’s a detail.

So this month—specifically, today—the emphasis is on ‘losing faith in the future…’ though it’s disseminating, and so the sharing of information and insights, intuitions and otherwise instinctive responses truly do work to soothe the soul when weary.

Ugh. But let’s face it—this notion is ever looming, even on good days.

Finding a balance then is absolutely necessary to navigate Chironic attacks—and through this week it could be something as simple as guarding your perspective and/or protecting your inner gauge upon what’s realistic and what’s well beyond your control, or even above your understanding. Right!?—how can we genuinely worry over something we don’t even understand?—we can’t go about worrying over buzz words and such lol

On a more upbeat note—this month’s Chironic chapter “speaks to inner strength, and to the fact that man is always free to choose his beginnings… future events can never limit present aspiration—the emphasis is on fearlessness, courage, and an inner assurance that arises out of experience, wisdom, and faith.”

The vulnerability, today then, would be a fear or personal concern of the future.

The strength—a willingness to ‘face the unknown, trusting in invisible sources of sustainment, and in the value of every experience.’

Again—my gentle suggestion is to go out tonight and look up into the endless night sky, and take in the stars so completely that they begin to blur into one vast brightness….

A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders…❞

—Lord Dunsany

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