Leo Balsamic Moon—October 18

As ambitious, or aspiring, as you may feel today—there may be no real movement.

We’re within a lunarly balsamic phase, after all—action is for the crescent moon, which would be October 26th… though, the 26th, this year, will be a day after an eclipse, so I’m quite sure changes and movements will definitely be made, with or without you or your emotional permissions… nor is it an ideal time to begin anything meaningful, or initiate anything you would prefer to be a constant, committed, or controlled.

Not only are we moving through a balsamic phase, but the sun is also moving through the third decan of Libra…

And so therefore: it is time to rest.

Leo energies can be resistant toward that which may be best, which, for today, could manifest the absolute worst… so be forewarned that this suggested respite, for the next several days at least, could prove to be somewhat dramatic…

Dramatic—Leo’s style, indeed.

A Leo moon needs to express each and every mood, feeling, and sometimes—fleeting thought.

Leonine energies are even comfortable expressing any one of these in front of others… loudly, visibly, and audibly—as if on stage.

Good drama, however, embellishes whatever is inherently good, or pleasing… whereas bad drama—bad drama exploits all that is frustrated or inherently ill at ease.

The latter may be true for today.

Today’s Leo moon will need to find appropriate outlets through which to express itself and all of its 32 flavors… and if these expressions are inherently frustrated—bad drama will likely ensue as result. More so, and not necessarily supportively, today’s moon connects to a retrograded Jupiter through a degree that describes the accent being upon “frustration and tension… there is a strong likelihood that the need to release pent-up thoughts and emotions will result in the loss of composure and self-control.”

Bad drama. Or, at the very least—awkward.

Further, a lunarly connection to Chiron (damnit, again!?) through a degree that intuits ‘knowing when to act…’


Depending upon how well you’ve been navigating these recent Chironic influenced landscapes—today’s lunarly Leonine hot-tempered irrationally reactionary impulse will likely not be able to hear the oh-so subtle intuitions of the higher frequencies of good drama… no, throwing a good old-fashioned tantrum is much more practical.

Just, try to know when to throw your fit *wink*

But for those of you who would prefer to align yourselves upon your higher vibration—you may just realize something deeply unnerving about yourself or how others perceive you… or, it could be toward life itself, though I would argue it’ll be more about yourself.

In between the oscillating frequencies, something needs expressed… are you capable of good drama?

Today’s ultimate takeaway—inner calm is severely necessary for mindful rest and respite.

Perhaps there is only one cardinal sin: impatience. Because of impatience we are driven out of Paradise; because of impatience we cannot return…

—Franz Kafka

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