Scorpio Solar Eclipse at 2°00’—October 25

Today’s new moon is über-charged, most simply because it is an eclipse—an eclipse governed by Mars, which is currently preparing to station retrograde, in Gemini, tomorrow as well as being conjunct Venus within the degree.

There’s so much going on here… be patient with me.

Let’s get into it.

A typical Scorpio new moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as the Raging Moon, and so it would stand to reason to presume that an eclipsed Scorpio new moon would Rage that much more strongly, that much more deeply… regardless, it is a moon best used for shadow work—as Kaldera writes, “that task of going down into one’s psychological cellar and learning to love the most unacceptable part of oneself for what it is, with no attempts to change it…”

Further, Kaldera makes very clear that this is not, or should not be, in any effort for healing… “although it may come about on its own in some way—understanding is the point, deep understanding that leads to compassion in the end.”

There is, obviously, a heavy dose of anger emerging, most simply, because it is societally conditioned to feel shame and shame is intrinsically associated to anger… when we feel shame for particular parts of ourselves we close that part away and this part becomes our darkness… and when darkness is forced to remain dark it becomes volatile.

Anger and shame, then, and whatever darknesses you’ve been harboring deep within are likely very actively and aggressively finding a way to release, for better or worse… ‘the genie let out of the bottle.’

I will take this space to warn against violent or destructive behaviors, always, as well as alcohol or intoxicants otherwise being imbibed beyond realistic measurements… accidents are much more probable through eclipses, in general—in addition to the specific degree through which this eclipse occurs—be they accidental or supported, there is probability enough for me to feel compelled to mention it. Emotions will likely be highly charged—for better or worse—and so whatever the circumstance or situation, consider something potentially explosive being thrown against a brick wall, metaphorically… and how you might best navigate such an environment.

What is most important then, beyond your obvious personal accountability to uphold, truly, is how you navigate yourself through whatever it is that emerges or occurs.

This is in your control.

The upside?—through the more constructive navigation—sometimes things need to break… for rebirth and renewal, and eventual revival.

The energy levels through this eclipse will likely feel either supercharged and electric and out of control… or, extremely contrarily, quite low and lethargic… overwhelmed, and vulnerable.

Very very super squishy stuff, though, either way, for better or worse.

Further, to conclude upon the details of anger and shame, Kaldera writes that, on this moon, “we deal with our irrational desires and selfishness, all the parts of ourselves that we were taught to repress as early as kindergarten…” and that irrational thoughts/feelings shouldn’t be shuttered or further repressed… “it’s important to give space for those feelings to come out and be accepted as having some fair basis, even if they can’t be acted upon.”

I wrote in the October issue of the Planetary Planner: that when an eclipse falls within the depths of Scorpio, and thereby: the Underworld—it’s almost as if something is being demanded of you, either to be sacrificed, surrendered (to), or salvaged, and it will be much more comfortably endured should you willingly participate… otherwise, eclipsed energies have a way of participating through you.

As mentioned above, Mars is essentially much of the reason such inner and outer conflictive tensions are being experienced… and battled. Mars is both anger and shame, simultaneously, manifested. Mars is currently moving through the divisive and bi-polarized parameters of Gemini, and so looking to where Gemini is within your own nativity will provide you much as to the origin of this energy.

In fact, Mars is currently nearly paused, and not moving at all—preparing to station tomorrow—which is only furthering the reasoning within, beneath, under, and for the intense aggressiveness being experienced within and all around… not moving infuriates Mars—Mars needs to always be pushing forward, or pushing through, or even pushing around.

Mars energies abound are freaking out and ready to snap!—particularly because Mars is preparing to station for retrograde through a degree that forewarns interruption or setback… Mars isn’t exactly thrilled—here are some ways to manage this…

How will you utilize these energies?—will you use this energy constructively and make a motivated move toward something, make a constructive change in your reality? Or will you break?

Again—sometimes it is necessary for things to break… but sometimes they just need structured… and so learning to ‘maintain emotional equilibrium in difficult situations; to roll with the punches; to release emotional toxins in socially acceptable ways; and tending to important details…’ these are lessons for this eclipse.

This eclipse falls within the first decan of Scorpio, and so thereby suggests disappointment.

The 5 of cups represents the first decan of Scorpio, a card that denotes disappointment…

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card that “research has shown that compassion is a good medicine for shame because it doesn’t require that we like or love ourselves to extend kindness, only that we notice our suffering and feel motivated to alleviate it… taking a hard look at our mistakes so that we can see the ways we might be able to suffer less next time is a good first step to reducing unnecessary pain in the long term…”

A conjunction to Venus within a degree of this eclipse is a very lovely salve to mend an otherwise harshly confronting reality-check… and will also resemble the necessary compassion.

Continued, Dore writes, “if we can’t look straight down the barrel of our mistakes—at the feelings, bodily sensations, and thoughts that have come up in their wake—we rob ourselves of a precious opportunity to gain a depth of understanding around why, on a felt level, the behavior is no good for us…if we can’t look because we’re caught up in shame-driven avoidance, we can’t learn.”

If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’, it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.❞

—Lewis Carroll

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