Scorpio Crescent Moon—October 26

Today’s moon connects to Saturn by square, as Saturn is currently stationing to move directly tomorrow upon a degree that describes ‘getting things under control…’

This is a detail—Saturn stationing—particularly as this stationing occurred simultaneously of a particularly active/volatile eclipse occurring.

This could suggest that yesterday’s circumstances may have found resolve or mature response…

If not, the moon will likely illuminate the learning process necessary to begin getting things under control.

This ‘getting things under control’ business—and business is what it will be—will be quite significant… and could, upon lower vibrational reaction, ‘slide to a primitive level of intelligence, a lack of discrimination, and the absence of creativity…’ and upon a higher vibrational response, ‘successful resolution of an emergency or crisis…’

This illumination is also inspired by a moon just eclipsed, a moon quite raw and possibly ashamed, or otherwise angry, bent, hurt, or seemingly betrayed—particularly if the Saturnian influence has harshened everything that much more instead of structuring everything into a more decipherable system, with components of lesson and components of wisdom…

Though, really, unless the Mars-inspired influence motivated active and willing change, an eclipsed moon is a moon likely still a little hesitant, or distrusting, either way. How you navigate the Mars component—this will be everything.

Thinking matters through is essential, as well as accurately understanding all details thoroughly before reaching or responding… especially as Mars is quite literally paused—take a pause yourself.

Finally, should you learn something new today or be illuminated with new information or insight previously unknown—do consider whether it is coming from a place of light, or darkness.

A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us…

—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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