Sagittarius Crescent Moon—October 28

Today is all about what astrologer Dane Rudhyar described as “consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present…”

This transcription was assigned toward this notion for the degree through which today’s moon connects to Neptune…

Continued, “as we pass any threshold leading to a new realm of existence we have to meet certain requirements and the necessity to adjust to new ways of life—in action, thought and feeling. At times this may seem an ordeal but it is inevitable. Everything that will follow depends largely on how we cross this threshold, and on the spirit in which we meet unfamiliar and perhaps shocking experiences…”

If eclipse season isn’t a ‘threshold’, I’m not sure what is—and the next eclipse of the season is on November 8th, in Taurus, and so we are quite rightly within the throes of a transition…

Today’s illuminations emphasize this transitional energy we are navigating somewhat romantically—specifically, that the transitions might require us to become something we are not yet able to fulfill, and thereby asking us to ‘imitate’, or allude, while simultaneously retaining our inner integrity.

Sagittarian energies find this sort of atmosphere thrilling… tantalizing, even.

Another, particularly Sagittarian-feeling, perspective of Ellias Lonsdale, by degree describes “immersing yourself in the field of new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically; exposing yourself to possibilities, visions, ways to evolve… the body’s wisdom musically in touch and in tune, sensing the resonance of cellular awakening—eager and enthusiastic and bright, you have given over to the process… always in midstream—seizing upon opportunities, challenges, openings; needing to know just how it feels at the micro levels: what is it like to be free, to be joyous, to be unrestricted, here in the body, in the world? …you seek the full-on motivating spark of knowing what it feels like to be tuned out and discovering what it really means to be tuned in all the way…”

And then the moon moves to oppose Mars, in Gemini, stationing to turn retrograde… and so the somewhat suspended or hesitant impulse, then, might be one of a paused-in-time curiosity—to try something new, to explore a new way… to validate what it feels like to create different results within your reality—which is to say: to set the intention to make a necessary change… and then intend to follow through on experiencing the entire process of changing (once the moon moves into Capricorn, of course…)

Today’s post was nearly almost nothing but this quote by Rilke, which sums it all up so ridiculously succinctly…

Perhaps it requires of you precisely this existential anxiety in order to begin. Precisely these days of transition are perhaps the period when everything in you is working…

—Rainer Maria Rilke

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