Capricorn Crescent Moon—October 30

Your everydayness is essential today.

In fact, today’s tenderness can be found within the etheric squish of ‘magic in any present moment… and to its potential for expressing the greatest of all that ever had been or will be…’

Or, contrarily, today’s weight or burden may be a matter of your ordinary everydayness ‘isn’t enough’ to be recognized or acknowledged, or have that infamous light shine down… or otherwise cannot be achieved for whatever reason.

Advantageously, however, today’s crescent moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as a moon when we ‘attempt the impossible… or at least the dauntingly difficult’ despite any recognition, acknowledgement, or spotlight.

Sometimes we’re meant to recognize and acknowledge the everydayness magic alone, through our own presence, without fanfare, photography, or an audience to be suspended in awe… and sometimes it’s “especially useful to try something that you have avoided because you were told that you, or the sort of person that people assume you are, would just never be able to handle that…”

Furthermore, Kaldera suggests “that whatever you do [today], do it without help.”

Kaldera says this is a moon of lone accomplishment… and so most definitely, recognition and acknowledgment, and the spotlight upon anything, will very highly likely not be aiming to spotlight you or your actions or good deeds today—or the etherical type of everyday magic that weaves itself in and out of the ethereal fabric of quotidian ordinariness of your everyday reality…

Within the sort of luck Sagittarian energies thrive upon, which is to imply: luckily… luckily, Capricornian energies do not thrive upon recognition, acknowledgement, or spotlight—though these tend to follow, because Capricorn energies are go-getters and over-achievers, and all-around deserving of additional accolades in many scenarios… though, when the moon is in Capricorn—it needs not recognition or acknowledgement, but absolutely does need that which must occur for those results to be deserved.

Kaldera writes of this moon, that to quit and give up—something within you dies… when a Capricorn moon quits, it translates to mean “that you aren’t competent to handle your own ambitions… it’s a strike to self-respect.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote that ‘magic is believing in yourself—if you can do that, you can make anything happen.’

And so, today, the magic to be found within the ordinariness—within the environs of your day and, most specifically, within yourself—it might be the kind of magic that compensates…

And this compensation is likely something you’re needing to learn from—not overcome, or achieve, or surpass, or transcend… nor is it anything offering eventual recognition, acknowledgement, or spotlight fanfare. Only wisdom—wisdom to be offered within the limitations of the time frame possessed within a single day of your reality, without anyone watching or monitoring, scoring, or judging… which, I suppose, sometimes—this is its own ordinary magic.

We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.

—JK Rowling

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