Aquarius 1st Quarter Moon at 8°49’—October 31

Today’s first quarter Aquarius moon finds itself in between Pluto and Saturn upon a degree that describes dramatization… I’ll say.

The accent, then, is “on assertiveness… you may find yourself taking action to protect what you believe in or belong to.”

A very Aquarian moon, indeed…

This is the moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls the Rebel Moon, the moon when we “take social structures to task… keep in mind, however, that tempers run high on this moon, and tread carefully.”

“Everything is questioned,” writes Kaldera, “and damn near everything is rejected…”

Rejected (Saturn), or eliminated (Pluto)…

Another perspective toward today’s energies is in truly, more completely, owning your power—taking an active responsibility for your personal power… and sometimes this involves something of a symbolic death of sorts—the ending of a behavior, mindset, perspective, or expired belief—and a rebirth, a new beginning from a place of higher consciousness. And this inner transformation you’re experiencing—will likely be of no real interest to others, though you’ll want to share every detail with everyone, particularly if your transformation is a more dramatic one, and thereby somewhat unbelievable as of yet.

There’s a sense of needing, also, to own your words… to practice whatever you’re preaching, literally, in action.

In recent astrological vibrations, we’ve been exploring that precious place within ourselves—either more deeply, or for the first time—that precious place within which overlaps our higher mind and heart-center… and now we’re being asked to manifest the light found within into our everyday realities.

There’s a sense of unraveling, then—or more appropriately, of revealing; light, truth, meaning, purpose… inner-nesses.

Its truly crazy how many activists and truth-seekers and game-changers had a planetary presence upon this critical degree within their charts.

This degree falls within the first decan of Aquarius, a decan astrologer Austin Coppock has titled ‘the mark of exile’. This decan, particularly, is celestially assigned to ‘the eccentric, exile, the rebel, and the pioneer…’

There’s also a sense, regarding this degree and this decan, that there’s much more to it than the face-value protests… particularly, as we consider how ancient astrology is, and its systems, its mysteries… the eccentrics, exiles, rebels, and pioneers were typically the ones who knew something others didn’t—these were the ones who understood how the powers of the universe really worked… and we can’t have that *eye roll*

The 5 of swords within the tarot is associated with this decan, a card that is infamously connected to trouble… to winners and losers, to the haves and have-nots. Tarot writer T Susan Chang suggests comforts, or hope.

For those of us who are not protesting—even silently, or passive-aggressively on the bumpers of our cars or via virtue-signaling yard signs—or pioneering anything, rebelling or displacing ourselves and our entire livelihoods for cause… today may simply feel really uncomfortable—alienated.

Chang writes, “a lexicon of insecurities: shame, fear of losing relevance, the pressure of expectations, the awareness of privilege, the sense of failure, seeking financial aid, negotiating cultural appropriation…”

Through my research for this moon, too, there’s a real sense that much of today’s vibrations could focus around women, and women’s issues.

Finally, I think there’s a real sense of watching what you think today—watching how you think, and how you speak to yourself in your head, how you feel… and the links between. I think these links of connection could be particularly powerful today, and I wonder inner transformations may stumble upon an opportunity to present itself in action. I wonder if you begin to simply say empowering things to yourself—you just may begin to believe it. Though, if you deflate yourself with down-talk… this will likely be effective, as well.

I wonder… if what you reveal today—will be what you’re manifesting from within yourself… and, for fun, if your costume is an honest reflection of who you think you are?—have a happy Hallow’s Eve!

Anyone can become angry; that is easy. But to become angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.


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