Aquarius Gibbous Moon—November 1

Today’s a day to open your mind…

Today’s frictions and tensions are due to a lunarly conjunction with Saturn while simultaneously squaring Uranus within a degree, thereby creating a t-square alignment… to maintain a functional balance through these energies—try also to open your heart.

This occurred last on October 5th through the same degree. I think the quote I chose for that post was a quote from Viktor Frankl, that “what is to give light must endure burning…”

Remember that a square, however frustrating, is simultaneously an underlying motivating force to thrive—and so really, every square influences an opportunity in our reality by which we either resist, refuse, or avoid… or take on. And the moon has been illuminating this ongoing Saturn/Uranus square four times each month for months now, illuminating from all angles—so these tensions or challenges you’re currently navigating are likely not new, unless something new has emerged from the recent eclipse… perhaps they’ve intensified.

This month, the narrative has moved by a degree… and so there’s even more pressure in having to face yourself in some way.

Either way—any way you structure it—major potential exists these days for transformation if you’re willing to be uncomfortable.

Another note to consider—if you’ve been trying to gain control of something, consider the inner dynamics occurring, as well as what actual actions have been demonstrated.

As I mentioned above, in considering the gaining of control—have you been navigating these circumstances with an open mind?—with an open heart?—because typically we try to control things when we feel threatened in some way… or feel insecure. Either of these are processed through fear.

Sometimes it’s necessary to allow when seeking to control. And sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate a component that has outstayed its usefulness or aesthetic. And sometimes—most typically and nearly always—it’s necessary to own up to your own narratives and perspectives in a more supercharged manner…

Today’s conjunction to Saturn could likely influence a heavy weight in some way—one you cannot control—be it additional responsibilities or challenges to balance, or simply feeling as though the owning up to your personal obligations feels that much more cumbersome.

However. The simultaneous square to Uranus could offer really creative or even crazy ways of dealing with your weight—with/through pre-existing or previously established skills, parameters, or otherwise foundational actualities—if you’re willing to stretch your preferable perspectives in all ways and on all levels, question your own opinions, or disbelieve your conditioned beliefs.

Perhaps most essentially, though—is to keep your heart open through it all.

Contentment consisteth not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire.

—Thomas Fuller

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