Pisces/Aries Gibbous Moon—November 4

How was your overnight slumber?—last night the moon connected to Neptune by conjunction… I presume the Sandman was afoot in many a-bedroom.

Anyway. Moving on…

Today’s moon moves from Pisces to Aries midday/early evening, but not before squaring Mars and connecting to Jupiter in conjunction on the fringe of the last degree in Pisces… typically, when the moon squares up with Mars—it tends to influence emotional defensiveness abound… and with an all-feeling Piscean moon, and a conflicted, anxious retrograded Mars in Gemini—emotional defensiveness is absolutely possible atypically, as well.

The moon squares Mars today through a degree that associate itself with diversification… and, with Mars, always, there is potential for separations or splitting apart, or a harsher reality regarding everyone having ‘their own responses to situations, so it is important not to expect everyone to react in the same way when something unexpected, or new, comes up…’

And this may very well be the core source of upset, as a Piscean moon will want to blur all the edges and fill in all the blanks, insisting that any cause for separation can surely be mended… right?

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Mars has only just begun its retrograde—Mars stationed as the moon was moving through Scorpio and Sagittarius, and began its retrograde when the moon was in Capricorn—and so the moon has not yet even made an entire rotation through the entire zodiac yet… you’ll have a better idea of what the monthly lunarly mood through this Mars retrograde will feel like to you by November 25.

At some point in the day—upset or no upset—there will likely be an opportunity to dissolve an expiring behavior, mood, mindset, outlook, perspective, or routine… and begin to revive or rejuvenate any current goals or ideals—just the beginning pre-thoughts, as the revival/rejuvenation will take time… like, as long as the retrograde—so this process will require this priority through mid-January. But today’s a really auspicious time to begin the thoughts…

It is particularly important—through both the degree and the raw reality that we are in major transition within eclipses—but the ‘greater suggestion is that [you] should avoid making permanent commitments until clearly knowing what is wanted and needed…’

And through these transitions—it is likely that at least one thing will require severance.

Toward your goals/ideals—and these first beginning thoughts toward wider horizons and deeper meanings—try envisioning yourself as more courageous, more curiously open-minded, and more ambitious than you typically imagine yourself to be. And then note how these adventurous mental/emotional flirtations make you feel… and this will tell you much.

Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible… and by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.

—Cherie Carter-Scott

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