Aries Gibbous Moon—November 5

Remember yesterday’s unflappability?

Today would also be one of those days when unflappability could prove to be beneficial….

Largely—because you’ll either be one of the two: you’ll either react, or respond… you’ll either explode or implode… you’ll either be impatient, or feel delayed…

Think of the most frustrating things… think of the things that cause your blood to boil. Consider your most explosive behavior… or envision, within your own mind, the blowing explosions of a bomb—these are today’s energies…

In these visions—do you explode?—or do you restrain yourself? Are you unflappable?…

Today’s moon connects to Chiron in conjunction, in Aries—ruled by Mars—currently retrograde at 26 degrees Gemini… it all depends upon whether or not your circumstances have exploded… or defused.

Today’s energies are quite emotional. Volatile. Erratic. Anxious.

The degree through which the moon connects to Chiron describes the potential for ‘bringing relief and release…’ though, “if things remain charged up, the result could be depression or internal anger and calling in the bomb squad… this could mean the help of friends, family—calling in your own emotional, mental or spiritual ‘bomb squad’ allows you to take control of your emotional nature…”

Take time to ‘reflect on rash emotional decisions or situations that, if exploded, could damage much more than was intended.’

Integrity is everything today.

Reactions are everything within the context of integrity…

Today’s energies are jam-packed with challenges of ‘being out in the open about one’s goals and values, and suffering attacks on that account; defiant honesty and integrity; surviving threats through sheer willpower; making adjustments when things don’t go as planned; and taking responsibility for one’s effects as an individual…’ and so there are endless opportunities with integrity.

And yet, as the moon is conjunct Chiron, in Aries, ruled by Mars—integrity is likely damaged, tainted, compromised, or otherwise threatened in some capacity… as this degree speaks, also, of “failed initiative…”

Today may be one of those days when—if you fail to do something imperatively perfectly… then it’ll feel as though it’s an absolute failure. Ugh. Or… might it be an opportunity to be sloppily, candidly, improvisationally, and therapeutically explosive…

Today is unpredictable….

And, it may be important to look upon what Mars is up to, as it is Mars that rules today’s energies… and Mars is currently retrograde at bc 26* Gemini—a degree that describes ‘temporary setbacks’… and so, today’s likely offering a diffusion rather than an explosion—unless an explosion was absolutely necessary.

The significances of ‘interruption, temporary loss or delay, cancelled… and the upsetting of plans or the smooth flow of things…’ can bring light to the actual value or principle of the matter at hand… and find the underlying meaning and/or opportunity of what these may symbolize. It may not be an interruption or delay at all—but simply an opportunity for candid, and very real and raw originality.

Or, it would seem as though you’re either experiencing an impulsively impatient explosion of emotion… or a frustrating delay—either of which likely represents something of a weakness, or disability, reactionary imbalances, or soft spot.

An Aries moon needs to go—to adventure—to go somewhere completely unknown and new and untrodden, wildly, unabashedly, and unapologetically…. an Aries moon needs to feel adventurous, and reactionary. And these needs will sharply slice through the Chironic potentials or vulnerabilities… and this degree projects three separate scenarios: fruitfulness, withdrawal and inner growth, and new beginnings…

It may be beneficial to ‘use this time to make plans for the future and to test possibilities…’

In fact, this degree through which Mars moves backward in Gemini describes an ‘isolated reflection on one’s place in the cosmos; sensing the divine intelligence underlying natural structures; reaching important truths through symbolic or paradigmatic stories; and magical lines of force found in fairy tales…’

So, then… it is a wonder: are your inner resentments on pause? And if so… why?–what could you possibly be able to process through this pause…?—in an effort to understand a deeper meaning that exists beyond your own existence or preferences, comfort zones or trigger-points…

Tomorrow’s energies will be even more intense…

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A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to…


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