Aries/Taurus Gibbous Moon—November 6

Today offers second chances.

Particularly, second chances toward this weekend’s intensities—in terms of gumption and integrity and timing… and the rethinking your intentions, motivations, and actions.

A more negative, egoic way of utilizing today’s energies would be in dwelling in your mistakes or feelings of guilt… rather than taking on a mistake, or feelings of guilt, and correcting whatever it is needing course-corrected or adjusted, and moving on, upwardly and forwardly.

Yesterday’s energies, and lower frequencies alike, are likely continuing to reverberate into today—and so today offers a second chance, should you choose to take it, to let go of whatever you’re continuing to hang on to, from yesterday or otherwise, and to simply keep going as you open to log these setbacks for future wisdoms.

Depending upon how you utilized your time and energies yesterday—either exploding or imploding—will also depend upon how today’s energies should be properly navigated…

Particularly if you owe apologies.

Today may be a day to forgive.

Today may be a day to retrace some of your steps in an honest effort to begin new steps…

Today may be a day to revitalize something that’s lost its spark… even if it seems/feels hopeless; and “even if you don’t get exactly what you want, you will probably feel an incredible sense of relief as things are put back on track again.”

And so, today’s energies are beckoning your gumption, and your integrity—and should you choose to bolster your gumption to actually intend toward change, and putting this change into your motivations toward truly changing… your integrity, and timing, will take it from there.

Will your integrity follow through?

Do you possess the gumption to take on something much larger than yourself?

In a minute there is a time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse…

—TS Eliot

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