Gemini/Cancer Disseminating Moon—November 11

I wonder if today’s lunarly shift from Gemini to Cancer might resemble a busier morning of necessary questions and questioning, and then turn into a much more sideways slowing of intuitively elevated knowing… or the potential thereof.

There’s a vibratory frequency of curiosity, today—aspiration, anticipation… and a willingness to try something new—perhaps even a new mood.

Skimming down to a minimum of all that is extra, or unnecessary—a willingness to cooperate with this notion could support your need to focus more adroitly on something either needing your attention, or something you simply prefer to put focus upon… something larger than yourself.

Streamlining your priorities and pitfalls will be illuminated today, and your collaborative efforts toward this would do wonders… read more on this here.

Now is the time to creatively ponder how to turn even your most challenging pitfalls and pesky weaknesses into matters that work for you rather than against you.

Muster messy machinations.

Strategize struggling structures.

Lean-in to looming lessons.

Ponder new predicaments.

Imagine incendiary incidents.

Begin to beckon beauty.

Wonder on whining whimsies.

I wonder if today you might begin to effectively edit your own words, your thoughts—even your emotions—if you might begin to notice, nearly immediately, a crack in your own consciousness… I wonder if you might see the light differently, notice it more intensely, and thoroughly immerse yourself in it.

Always streamline your inspirations, otherwise it is going to drain you away.

—Mohaan Balakrishnan

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