Cancer Disseminating Moon—November 13

Today’s moon, separating from yesterday’s Chironic circumstances, moves onward and forward, toward a triangular triad between Neptune and Jupiter, and the ever-trailing Scorpio stellium consisting of the sun, Mercury, and Venus, while simultaneously opposing Pluto within it all.

Keep in mind, however, that the moon remains in Cancer, resonating disseminating efforts, and so through today’s lunarly movements the emphasis will continue to illuminate that which is needed to feel secure, and how you might either seek or share these securities.

These enemies ‘speak to directness, aims and goals, and to a mission or strong sense of purpose…’

It is time to ‘accomplish your objectives… you may be unusually determined to reach some goal today or put an end to something…’

All of which inherently describes and involve sensations of personal security.

As Cancer energies focus on securities—both instinctive and more conditioned, which is to imply socialized—and these securities can become quite aggressively congested, which is to presume aggressively inward.

Also essential today, which will likely be illuminated—these securities, or need thereof, are likely changing, evolving, morphing into something entirely new—something which did not exist otherwise—and, furthermore, this transubstatiation, then, might even elude to a security now rendered insecure, or contrarily, an insecurity now secured.

Transformations and changes are all around you these days… try considering only the constructive and inspiring potentials rather than dwelling within the scary unknowns.

What has this process of transition been for you?

What are you learning through this process of transitioning, transformational, transubstantiation?

Further, ‘the need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living…’ is what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed for one of today’s pivotal degrees… as these are what has been historically and psychologically referred to as a ‘peak experience’…

These peak experiences occur much more thoroughly fewer and further between—these are not your everyday experiences. And with this, most essentially, is the come-down—should you understand, personally, what a peak experience is. And with this, understanding how to navigate the come-down of the everyday—finding the beauty and awe, instruction, and meaning within the average, quotidian everyday-ness of existing.

Please tell me you’ve been asking countless questions…

Please tell me you’re not believing what you’re told, just because…

Please tell me you’re thoroughly fact-checking everything…

Please tell me you’re learning how to see through things…

Please tell me you’re considering the true foundations, structures, and health of all things you’re navigating…

Please tell me you’re curiously pondering all sources of informations—all sides, all layers, all matters, all meanings.

And through these pleadings with you, my friends and dear readers, I only want to convey to you that these are absolutely hitting a nerve into the core of that which feels secure, that which truly is secure, and that which has or will never be naturally secure… and thereby, all of these pleadings matter.

The coward threatens when he is safe…


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