Cancer/Leo Disseminating Moon—November 14

Today’s moon moves into Leo quite early, offering something of a lunarly emboldening from what the weekend’s energies had in mind, necessarily—depending, of course, upon how you chose to navigate them…

These bi-monthly lunarly squares to Chiron—from Cancer and Capricorn—are working you in an effort to motivate you beyond your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, to empower you to edit any conditioning that you continue to honor which is no longer honoring you. And this is why it feels so harsh… because we tend to prefer that which we are familiar with, even if it’s harmful or painful.

And, then again, there are those who seem to need something to be ‘wrong’ at all times… which has always mystified me.

Today’s moon, when still in Cancer overnight, separates from yesterday’s aspecting and once in Leo—moves without connection, providing something of a symbolic platform for you to experiment with…

Today’s moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests is “concerned with power, authority, and nobility…”

Kaldera has titled this moon the King’s Moon, as “the king’s job is to provide honest, capable, responsive leadership… but in addition to valuing the opinions of his subjects—the King also seeks the opinions of the rest of the world…” or should… and so this moon, in our more personal reality, would represent our own ability to lead, our own authority, our own relationship to power.

Or, today could offer some personal challenges to your ego.

These challenges could resemble matters of authenticity, honesty, confidence, reputation, and/or integrity.

Kaldera suggests that it is on this moon when “we continue our exploration of leadership, but now we work with other groups from within our own group—it’s a time for leaders to make alliances and network with other organizations, and to articulate to outsiders the nature and mission of their own organization… the King exemplifies his group’s highest values and ideals, for outsiders to admire and insiders to emulate—he models the proper actions, rather than ordering others to behave nobly… if they choose to ignore his example, they wouldn’t have followed his orders anyway.”

And so, again, in a more personal perspective—this could look like your more constructive sense of personal authority, or your more self-oriented ego, having cause or need or curiosity to reach outward to others to reconcile, collaborate, or simply cooperate strengths… and if you’re living in alignment—others will likely be attracted to you for this, and want to resemble this in their own lives. Though, if you’re operating through egoic drives, you may actually be pushing others away from even the most incredible ideas or motivations.

When you are in your power, which is what I refer to as ‘walking your red carpet’, you will notice that you needn’t have reason to sway others, or try to force anything…

When you are in your power, things open to you.

If you are struggling with yourself in any way, with others, or with anything—quite simply—you are not in your power.

Allow today to be a day you simply sit with yourself… either within your own power—or to begin releasing your egoic impulses in an effort to, in time, empower your inner authority, which is to refer to your inner Light, and begin working with your power, in an alignment that is in connection to All That Is.

A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.

—James Allen

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