Leo Disseminating Moon—November 15

Still percolating within your power, still resonating within your alignment… still acknowledging and owning your light.

Still establishing your red carpet…

Today’s lunarly intentions are reflecting something of an opportunity for you to need, or actively want, to cooperate…

Within this cooperation, however, in whatever way it may look for you—the point is to maintain who you are, throughly, throughout… without any temptation or condescension to blend into something that isn’t you, despite its ability to offer more pleasing or cooperative alternatives.

The essence of today, then, which is to say—the entire point—is to be who you are, despite it all… it is an exercise in self-discipline.

We all have various idiosyncrasies… and annoying fuckeries… er, details—through finding a way to use these in new ways so that they may even be considered charming… this is adaptation, at its finest.

Today, the emphasis—and, perhaps challenge—is upon the differences within and in between… despite the irritating qualities we all possess in one way or another—we also, all, each possess vast greatnesses within ourselves… and these are designed to be shared and connected with others.

It’s all designed to be shared.

Remember, too, that today’s lunarly agenda is a square with Uranus, and then an opposition to Saturn… and so, in other words—a challenge, and an honor—something you’ll always have to remember… or outwit.

Beyond, and perhaps, more honestly—deep within—today’s energies are also, simultaneously, about strength and preservation, confidence, and loyalty… and the frequencies you have personally set for yourself upon these needs.

Which, would be to imply—through ritual.

What rituals are you honoring in your everyday?—from the very small and seemingly meaningless to the more extravagant and ceremonial… particularly as the moon will move into Virgo by Thursday, after tomorrow’s last quarter moon, and whatever is born of Leo requires ritual, care, and devotion through Virgo…

Whatever you do or are doing—as you’re still percolating within your power, still resonating within your alignment… and still acknowledging and owning your light—cooperating and collaborating, connecting, and challenging…

We do things for a reason, and sometimes those reasons need to be remembered… and today may offer you a reason.

Let’s hope.

Let’s restore spirit. Let’s return to Nature. Let’s breathe deeply. Let’s visualize and intend.

Let’s shine through. Let’s embrace oneness. Let’s be courageous.

Let’s restore sacredness. Let’s conquer habits.

Let’s implore our entire selves.

Be glad of life because it gives you a chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at stars….

—Henry VanDyke

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