Leo LQ Moon at 24°10’—November 16

Today is a day “we look at our failures…”

Continued, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon, that in our everyday-nesses we “risk too much, overreach ourselves, perhaps trampling on the hearts of others in our enthusiasm and arrogance… giving in instead of fighting, letting fear and sadness drive us away—[it is in this moon when] we forgive ourselves for these failures and resolve to face the day differently.”


Whatever it is you’re working on, or toward—there is still probably much further you’re still needing to go… and whatever sustenance you’re requiring—you’ll need to acquire this within yourself, and sustain it within yourself as well… perhaps you’ve previously felt as though, in the past, toward either the same goal or project, or something else entirely, that you’ve struggled with this, or ‘failed’ yourself, or others. Perhaps, too, you’ve ‘failed’ to understand or realize that—realistically, you’ve never actually failed yourself…

Not really.

Sometimes we’re meant to move along in our plans within the larger-picture, larger-horizon parameters of what the universe has in store, one slow step at a time… and other times, we’re meant to navigate ourselves and our ideals in ways that serve us, ultimately… and all too often, we don’t always realize or understand what it is that serves our higher authority.

This is absolutely something that comes with surrendering the ego impulses for the higher mind/heart-center perspective, and overall higher consciousness mentality… as well as being a part of ‘walking that red carpet…’

This degree, today, upon a moon inherently flawed, inspires ‘self-sufficiency and self-reliance; resolved but flexible pursuit of long-range goals; having a game plan; coming to grips with immediate problems; trimming one’s baggage to necessities; getting a handle on vital energies; thinking things through carefully; and shaking people out of stupid mental constructs…’

Today’s essence, then, may not be so much on failures as it is personal endurance… are you willing to endure your failures?—as there will always be more, always another one—in fact, any billionaire or millionaire will tell you to lean in to your failures, to fail again, and again, and again…

Because in failing is when you learn most.

Always, always—keep going.

Today’s last quarter moon falls in the third decan of Leo, which is a decan that requires a bit more than what the moon inspires… as astrologer Austin Coppock explains it, this decan represents a ‘spirited struggle…’ Coppock writes that “it is not enough to have gained one’s rightful place, it must be defended against both within and without…” as this is a time when “illness attacks the body, fear afflicts the heart, and enemies close in…”

Further, “the power granted here is the tenacity to fight for the place one has gained, to struggle and be victorious over contrary forces both within and without… one might call this quality courage, but it is not merely a quick surge of bravery, but instead the power of the utterly steadfast heart, which never fails to rise to the challenges present.”

Coppock advises a principle be raised, “for it is only to such… that the heart truly salutes.”

The 7 of wands of the tarot is associated with the third decan of Leo—a card that represents defense and/or struggle.

Perhaps there’s something to really defend… and maybe it’s yourself. With the words defense and struggle put together—this would suggest something of a dispute… fueled by anger.

Specifically, above all else—today may focus heavily upon anger… and anger, socially, has been considered a lesser emotion—an emotion not worthy of expressing, in fact, it’s enormously dangerous to express… an emotion that is unequivocally misunderstood and misrepresented in society.

It’s all too easy for a billionaire, or millionaire, or me, to assure anyone to lean in to their failures… and I know firsthand how I, personally, respond to my own. We are all a work in progress, always—we are forever in transition.

And this is the point.

Nevertheless… anger is all too common a reaction. And Mars governs this decan, after all.

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of the 7 of wands, that “we can think of Strength as a negotiation with the passions: to control, to surrender, to embrace, or to merge with them…” as the 7 of wands is associated in between The Tower card and the Strength card… further, Chang writes, “courage, we should remember, is not the absence of fear—in fact, courage only arises in the presence of fear… and that—the irrational conquest of a rational fear brought on by great adversity—and this is what we see in the 7 of wands.”

Chang writes that all 7’s require effort…

And with the 7 of wands, effort is sought after “in the realm of ambitions and drives…”

Regardless of your circumstances currently—be they challenging, courageous, angering, failing or defensive—you are likely navigating something requiring your effort.

The word daunting comes to mind. Whatever it is.

Chang reminds us that “one of the hardest things to know, when facing diversity, is whether persevering through the difficulty will be the making of us, the building of our character—or whether it is simply ‘not meant to be…’”

Great and courageous personal assessment might need to occur now—and through this process, there will be inevitable ups and downs to contend with, and this could very well be angering… but you will also gain a very brave and realistic clarity with which to glance upon yourself, and your personal strengths and weaknesses—and this advantage will further support your efforts, and your goals… inevitably.

Only you know what you’re made of, what you’re capable of—and this absolutely becomes more and more natural with time. And with anything involving time—try to be patient with yourself… and if you’re up against something you’ve never experienced before—ask yourself how badly you want whatever it is… and what you’re willing to lose, potentially, should you continue on your current trajectory—whether you fail, or succeed.

To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them ratified.

—William James

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