Libra Balsamic Moon—November 20

Today’s opportunity lies in ‘using your imagination… take a fresh look at situations and people you have been taking for granted; find at least one new and exciting thing to do that you weren’t aware of before… allow yourself to enjoy something.’

These opportunities might feel disguised—as these opportunities may actually be inconvenient in some way, or complicated in a more personal way, or painful, or disappointing, or more challenging than necessary…

Try anyway.

Further, you may have to look to past wisdoms previously earned or ask for guidance from someone who might know better how to navigate whatever it is that has you in obstacle.

Finally, today’s moon connects to a retrograded Mars in Gemini, by trine, through a degree that accentuates ego and self-affirmations… and self-image.

And so these opportunities and obstacles likely mean something to you—perhaps it’s in some way involved with the ‘more’ that you’re now working toward… whatever it is, it means a great deal—and even signify something of ‘a wake-up call or indicate that something needs to be attended to…’ and should this resonate for you, it would be best not tended to with attitude or cockiness—better to be bold and dramatic rather than loud, aggressive, or exaggerated.

In fact, someone may feel ‘that they are the driving force behind what’s happening—there may be a strong need, or desire, to draw attention… rightly or wrongly, there’s often a claiming of responsibility—and there is always a need to learn to listen, rather than just crowing about oneself, one’s ideas or life…’

Furthermore, these energies are inspiring one to ‘throw oneself wholeheartedly into life… holding one’s own in the struggles of everyday life; letting other people know where one stands; clearing the air by exposing hidden motives; and throwing one’s right behind a cause…’

Things are changing… can you feel it?!

Less than is no longer acceptable.

Halfway is no longer conceivable.

That and those without actual substance or depth will no longer be tolerated.

It takes a person who is wide awake to make his dream come true…

—Roger Babson

🖋 by Jamie James
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