Scorpio Balsamic Moon—November 22

Today’s moon re-illuminates the separating square between Saturn and Uranus through its monthly opposition to Uranus and its monthly ‘last quarter’ square to Saturn…

This month these lunarly illuminations occur through degrees that describe both independence, and investigation.

The moon opposing Uranus very easily describes an erratic impulse toward independence, though, this month—the degree through which this is translated—this independence is supported; this degree ‘speaks to man’s struggle to meet his practical obligations in the everyday world while, at the same ring, longing to find higher meaning in his life or live on more transcendent levels…’

You may simply find yourself, within a more practical perspective, that you’ve become somewhat burdened by something that isn’t yours, or overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing for yourself… when really, all you want to do is express yourself or explore other parts of yourself.

In a subtle, almost silent way, you may feel as though you are wasting your potential.

No, this isn’t heavy at all…

And so this month, the lunarly opposition to Uranus may strike within you an impulse to take charge and go against the grain—to take your life into your own doing, and do what you feel, however fleetingly, is best… and likely most thrilling.

And with the lunarly square to Saturn—typically something of a roadblock or obstacle—occurring this month through a degree that supports the unknown…


You’ve got yourself a potential plot.

This degree describes ‘daring, and a willingness to risk the secure and known in order to open the self to new experience…’

And if you’ve done your shadow work—all the more power to you with this… because, with this often comes some kind of confrontation with something you’re likely trying to resist, deny, avoid, or repress—though, if you’re up for a real psyche upgrade, you’ll probably find that whatever it was you were attempting to resist, deny, avoid, or repress… underneath it all is actually something incredible real and raw and unapologetically You…

And you need it—because it empowers you.

Maybe today you’ll decide you need to look under the bed…

And, it’s essential to point out that this year the sun moves into Sagittarius today—just twenty-two minutes after midnight here on the west coast… the solar shift between Scorpio and Sagittarius is severe, to say the very least…

May your horizons be bright, and your curiosity prepared to experience.

Any doctrine that will not bear investigation is not a fit tenant for the mind of an honest man. Any man who is afraid to have his doctrine investigated is not only a coward but a hypocrite.❞

—Robert G Ingersoll

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.

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