Sagittarius New Moon AT 1°38’—November 23

Can you feel the shift in energies and reverberations from Scorpio to Sagittarius!!?—it’s wild…

And right off the bat—still making ourselves comfortable within these new vibrations—it’s a new moon!

This new moon is asking you to experience… something.

These experiences, though, that Sagittarian energies are really seeking—underneath any of its denials—are the experiences that, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes, “that force us to confront ourselves and our own biases…” and travel absolutely encouraged.

The degree through which this new moon occurs describes ‘spirit-stirred consciousness’… and ‘irrepressibility’. This degree “speaks to the bountiful response of the universe to an individuals expectations, in terms of giving [you] whatever [you] need in life…” as long as you are open to experiencing both yourself and your inner depths honestly—as long as you’re open to honestly experiencing life, as it is.

Another facet of this new moon is the inherent restlessness writhing beneath the surface—particularly for those of you lacking any true/real directionality… those of you working on/toward goals, ideals, or projects otherwise might ‘experience’ a striving forward—even flourishing—with your goals, ideals, or projects.

There is a personal will that needs to be commanded here…

Your willingness to experience.

Your willingness to live.

Your willingness to be actively alive.

Your willingness to allow yourself ease and comfort and joy.

Your willingness to resist forcing that which isn’t to be.

Through this new moon there is the offering of ‘resourcefulness and an effervescent anticipation of the opportunities and challenges of everyday life…’

Pulling one’s own strings is a way to describe these energies, as well as keeping one’s sense of identity fluid… though these experiences—particularly if you’re lacking direction or purpose—they’re likely becoming expanded and overwhelmed. These experiences, too, taking up so much space within your thoughts, can “seem to be more important than they really are…”

This misunderstanding can misconstrue much.

Further, “you may find that surface emotions have been whipped up and this has led to a concern that is disproportionate to the depth of the real issue before you… and whether your situations contains difficult components, or whipped up and excited ones, the truth of the matter is that the foundations of your life are much more settled and the surface emotional distress is probably just misleading matters—staying anchored to what is true, permanent and stable in your life can help you get through whatever has been churned up…”

There is a real need for patience—though I realize that this is likely the last conceivable consideration—as well as personal presence.

This new moon occurs within the first decan of Sagittarius—a decan associated with the 8 of wands… and to read about the first decan of Sagittarius, since I just wrote about it yesterday, click here…

Endure pain, find joy, and make your own meaning, because the universe certainly isn’t going to supply it. Always be a moving target. Live. Live. Live.

—Lois McMaster Bujold

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