Sagittarius Crescent Moon—November 24

First of all, whether you ‘believe in it’ or not—wishing you warmth and wellness on this day of gratitude and celebration.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday, one of the holidays that wasn’t colluded and repurposed by the Christians from the pagans—rather, it was an occasion more politically orchestrated and motivated for votes… I’m not sure which is worse. Still, it’s origins, however untrue, were contrived in an effort to bring the country together again in unity after the nasty and varied divisions brought about by the civil war. Perhaps some things never change… I would suggest that we’re quite divided these days as well.

May we come together and break bread in spite of it all.

If there’s hope to be had, to be made—or could ever be—possible, it’s through average, middle-of-the-road Sagittarian vibrations… starry-eyed, beaming, viewing the world and its endless issues through lenses of rose—and sometimes, this manner of madness makes me think that if only Sagittarians were the ones ringing the bell with the red buckets in front of every still-standing brick-and-mortar establishment of encouraged capitalism—maybe they’d need more than a small bucket… maybe small changes would emerge more frequently, more dramatically—maybe the rest of us would feel that much more optimistic about actual change.


Today’s moon.

Still in Sagittarius and connecting to both Venus and Mercury, in conjunction, and nearly immediately thereafter connecting to Chiron by trine… degrees which speak, respectively, to reconciliations, adjustments, and rectifications…

New understandings and trying new things—exploring new behaviors!—would be effective now.

Possessing the courage to stand up for yourself, and your differences to the majority—even in the middle of dinner—is absolutely likely this year…

And sometimes—sometimes an/Other needs to be made aware of either private suffering or isolated wounds to realize just how mighty an impact has been made in an effort for a difference in actions or behaviors to be adjusted.

Later, the moon will move to oppose a retrograded Mars through a degree that associated itself with examination…

(New) boundaries would be helpful now. Particularly if an adjustment is unlikely or impossible.

It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.

—Anne Frank

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