Aquarius Crescent Moon—November 28

Continuing forward, onward and upward…

Continuing to keep a keenly focused eye upon the bullseye target of your goals…

However, today’s energies may have you somewhat defensive or guarded toward something—or the likelihood, probability or even extremely rare possibility of something.

This vibration could even be signaling the need to be protective of something.

Perhaps you’re needing some reassurance, or infamously unasked-for proverbial words of wisdom, promise, guarantee or divinely orchestrated miracle of sorts… in the meantime—try to be sensitive… but totally discerning—for certainty is likely the very thing you’re seeking so warily, or anxiously.

Certainty may very well or certainly arrive unexpectedly—or through entirety unexpected means.

Again, discernment is most certainly a tool in your favor.

Some people think they have discernment when actually they are just suspicious… suspicion comes out of the unrenewed mind; discernment comes out of the renewed spirit.

—Joyce Meyer

🖋by Jamie James
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