Pisces/Aries Gibbous Moon—December 1

Ahh… the aftermath of yesterday’s choices and feelings.

And, almost as if automatically timed—today’s energies may very well offer you a revelation… if you’re searching.

This revelation, however, may take a more authoritative angle or advantageous avenue. Be aware, that this revelatory influence is more about an experience—not just a mere symbolism or coincidence—something of a spiritual quickening… which is something that would hold the power to transform you—to most literally redirect your living trajectory.

Or it can be a change in policy or procedures… or announcements toward new information.

Ultimately, you could experience ‘internal conflict when considering your options today… as things could go wrong or turn out unexpectedly today…’

It is especially important, today, to not fall for every flashing light or coinciding symbolism… as these energies reflect something much more exotic and profoundly unfamiliar—these energies are ripe, dare I suggest, for something more closely aligned with supernatural phenomena or mysteriously psychic disruptions…

Which, in other words, is to say that you would do yourself a favor through understanding that the universe always has a larger plan existing upon a higher realm of consciousness—and to remember that, despite your plans or preferences, you are only able to see just so far ahead… and there is much more around the corner, particularly the corner that represents What Could Be.

This goes much further into an entirely different conversation about the language and relationality of the universe—one that I could go on and on and on about… perhaps another day.

Ultimately, it could very well come down to making a necessary change that would create a new pathway that wasn’t previously available, wasn’t open as an option before whatever change or adjustment or pivot was made…

If you’re currently seeking after change, making a change, or needing something to change—these are the days to make a real difference within your reality—though it may require you to participate further than merely the making-of-the-change itself… it may require you to divide the overall of your reality into smaller compartments within your reality in an effort to see these layers of your life more closely…

You may be surprised by what you notice or find.

The act of contemplation creates the thing contemplated.

—Isaac D’Israeli

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