Gemini Full Moon AT 16°02’—December 7

They say that we’re the authors of our own stories, and that our narratives can be changed at any point… and I believe this to be true, for better or worse—we can learn to play a new role within our lives at any point… if we do the work and learn the lines.

New roles always involve new responsibilities, new expectations, new attitudes and perspectives… this might be a matter of reprioritizing your current/conditioned beliefs, or convictions, or even your learned personal philosophies—or altering them altogether, in an effort to fully embody a new role, or to establish a new plot within your personal reality…

Today the full moon in Gemini occurs at 16*02’, connecting to Mars in conjunction at 16*07’… if this isn’t an opportunity to most aggressively and unapologetically confront your own thoughts, opinions, beliefs systems about life and how the universe works, as well as the actual honest utility of your everyday routines—particularly within the role you are playing within your own reality, as well as the plot you either continually play out or perpetually avoid—it’ll be a harshened reckoning should you decide you shouldn’t need to participate… to participate in your own opportunity for enlightening—in an upgrading of personal consciousness.

Why would one decline?—this is the role call of a lifetime.

This full moon occurs through a degree that describes maturity, and preparedness—and warns of the repercussions of being caught unprepared.

Obviously, each of our personal upgrades will be different, as we are all operating upon varying levels of consciousness and evolving mentally/emotionally at different speeds in more individualized ways—particularly, perhaps, even more so through this new Age of Air…

Beyond Maslow’s hierarchy—we each require completely different experiences from our lifetimes, entirely unique challenges through which we need to learn, and rewards that suit our more vulnerable essences—we are each somewhat intrinsically (not to mention, astrologically) designed to fulfill specific roles within our lifetime, to navigate specific plots… we all have our very own cosmic assignment to answer to—and this full moon may be one of our check-in points, if you will…

Typically, a moon/Mars conjunction is emotionally volatile, and depending upon what zodiacal sign—entirely unstable.

However, in Gemini—this volatility could present itself as an impatience, particularly emotionally, as Gemini doesn’t ‘do’ emotions; other manifestations could resemble overactivity, verbal aggressiveness, or something of a short-circuited awareness of perspective, even mental misdirection or distraction—in that everything that is currently occurring might seem like all that will ever occur, without any regard or reference to the future, or of the past for reference—ultimately having something of a scattered perspective toward nearly anything.

Also, defensive mechanisms may be turned up to the highest level—just in case. Fun.

The opposition of the sun, in Sagittarius, should help to balance any over-inflated ideas about the Here & Now, highlighting the broader horizons as well as, most pertinently, the Now—to illuminate choices, options, opportunities, and potentials to acknowledge in action here in the Now.

I wrote in the December issue of the Planetary Planner that the overall takeaway of December is that it may take the bitter chill of winter, and the lack of anything that allows us to feel that much more secure, and that much warmer—that which we may have lapsed in recognition that we tend to take for granted—to incite necessary changes, personal or otherwise.

Today’s moon is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes that it’s “the time you consider what part you play in your life, what archetypes you embody, and how much control you have over changing those roles…”

Most enlighteningly, Kaldera writes, “at its best, everything the Storyteller says is a story—everything becomes part of one… the difficulty comes in when, in order to truly live one’s path, everyone in one’s life gets cast as some sort of character in the internal screenplay—since storytellers don’t just retell the same old story over and over—they create new stories as well… it’s hard to keep off the personal journeys of loved ones—to try to maneuver them into roles or actions that make their stores more of what one wants them to be or that create the endings one hopes for…”

And therefore, on this moon, it is important to acknowledge the raw and painfully truthful realization of just how little control we really actually have over anything, without the support of exploitation or manipulative control measures…

As we all have varying levels of consciousness that we’re all navigating at any given time, we’re also largely quite complexly and robustly varying different dynamics of many archetypes and roles—and likely not many of us are too keen on being labeled or typecast into just one repeating role… and through the daily grind of our lives—this all too easily occurs. Often, without even realizing it—until the role has been molded and franchised into a series… which is to say—into an expectation.

One could argue that today’s full moon is testing our coping skills…

The degree through which this full moon occurs, beyond its symbolisms of maturity and preparedness, describe ‘attending to the development of innate faculties; having enough trust in oneself to follow one’s star; living out a clearly visualized personal myth; gaining perspective on one’s early conditioning; compensation for developmental deformities; living up to early promises; and bringing one’s potentials into full flower…’

This full moon occurs within the second decan of Gemini—a decan of duality.

Contradictions abound through this decan.

Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of this decan that it is one of the angel and devil upon one’s shoulder… of ‘art and war’.

Opposition abound through this decan.

In fact, Coppock writes, “here lie both the joy of reunification and the tragedy of separation…”

The 9 of swords represents this decan, a card that associate itself with worry, anxiety, and nightmares… betrayals and loss—tarot writer Theresa Reed writes of this card, “whatever the case may be, the suffering is real—the Universe is getting personal with you…”

Reed writes that it is important to seek out help, guidance, support, or closure.

Tarot writer TS Chang connects this card—also associating it with ‘angels and demons’—in between the Tower card and the Lovers card… a card we see in a “moment of tremendous stress…” and that this connection involves both ‘warnings, expulsions, or benedictions…’ as well as a “punishment for disobedience.”

Again—either continuing to play roles we no longer wish to play, or breaking out of such roles, but very much at the chagrin of those involved…

Possibly most specifically, Chang notes that the 9 of swords is a card intrinsically connected to migraines, performance anxiety, or anything to do with blood.

Ultimately, Chang writes of this card, to “hunt for the roots of your pain that lie within yourself rather than outside… if you can do something about it, why worry?—if you can’t do anything about it, why worry?”

And similarly, tarot writer Jessica Dore suggests flexibility.

Dore writes, “because thoughts and feelings are so incredibly compelling, we have a natural tendency to take them super seriously and either cling to the ones we do want or turn away from the ones we don’t in a sort of knee-jerk way… defusing can help in both of these cases by inserting points of choice where it previously seemed there were none—if you can see a thought or feeling happen, that means you’ve created space between yourself and whatever your mind is doing… and it’s going to protect you in the path toward the life you want by providing you a bit of space from any internal ogres or seducers you may encounter…”

Ultimately, “the old ways of solving things will no longer work because this situation requires a more mature response, which will lead to another level of wisdom… even though there may be some level of pain in adjusting to a life with more responsibilities—or adjustments—let the situation help bring about any necessary changes, even if they are hard to bear at first… once we mature in life it is rare to go backward.”

Something, in some way, within the house within your nativity that is regarded by Gemini is experiencing a rather aggressive adjustment-upgrade-leveling up… use this energy to take the opportunity for yourself—to creatively and very authentically change your life…

If you dare. Mars loves a dare.

If you keep telling the same sad small story, you will keep living the same sad small life.

—Jean Houston

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