Gemini/Cancer Disseminating Moon—December 8

Aggressive adjustments, upgrades, leveling-up, and making changes within your reality in an effort to evolve into something more—this is one thing…

Major upheavals is quite another entirely.

Today’s lunar square to Neptune—particularly after yesterday’s outcomes or outbursts—you are likely beginning to realize that maybe a less extreme, much more patient, and slow-motioned version is best, at least for now… that to make any rash decisions at this point—or any major decisions whatsoever!—might possibly be going too far.

Not only is the sector of your life regarded by Gemini being triggered and challenged—but so are both the houses ruled by Mars!—there’s likely just too much to try to process at the moment.

Sometimes it’s just enough to allow the thought into your mind, to acknowledge it and listen… and another thing altogether to act upon the thought before thoroughly understanding everything that would be involved, including everything involved with that which is involved and so on. Sometimes we won’t allow ourselves even the thoughts—to acknowledge that a change within our reality, our role, our plot… that something needs to change. Change is so… involved.

And ‘involved’ is something Gemini becomes distracted by, or resisting of… or bored with.

The moon remains in Gemini for much of the day—if not all of the day, depending upon where you live in the world. It’s possible that by Sunday night you’ll more thoroughly understand what you’re thinking and feeling—maybe by then you’ll know more about these thoughts you’ve entertained.

Anything before will likely be met with severe emotionality.

Emotionality, for however valid it may sometimes be, is anything but logical—and the fundamental, monumental, or even ornamental changes you’re likely looking to make… these require reasoning and logic, realistic planning, and detachment.

Vision is the crossroad of the rational and the emotional.

If you are intimately connected to your vision—and you can see around the inevitable corners… this will tell you much.

If you can’t see around the inevitable upcoming corners… maybe there’s more thinking to be allowed.

And it is exactly on a day like today, lunarly speaking, that looking at all views and listening to all opinions, putting effort into understanding an/Others thoughts, feelings, fears, and concerns, as well as simply being as open as you’re able to (continue) allowing an openness of flow in regard to thoughts and opinions, and those irrational feelings raging within.

Try to put most of your efforts, today, upon the widening of awareness, and aspiring toward clarifying your vision…

As the night darkens and the moon opposes Venus, as Venus moves to ingress into Capricorn tomorrow, and squares Jupiter in the final degree of Pisces—paying attention, particularly to others, as well as to your vision, in balanced tandem… and making work what you have already going for you—these will possibly help you filter your thoughts and feelings as you navigate these days through the weekend.

Any expectation always needs to be clarified in detail.

—Steven Redhead

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