Cancer/Leo Disseminating Moon—December 11


All of yesterday’s building—exacts, collides, and crashes.

And the Cancer moon absorbs it as it will and takes it all in ever so slowly… examining what can be done from what is no longer responding, to ever so nurturingly and laterally take a type of control of these circumstances that can only be described as defensively proceeding… be aware of this.

Then, happily, the moon moves into Leo midday here on the west coast—mid-afternoon for those of you on the east coast, and sometime even later than this for those of you across the pond…

This shift could truly feel empowered, and may it inspire the warmth and expression you are in need of at this time.

And we are particularly in need of this at this time.

We are needing some exemplar examples of how to navigate these new parameters and unprecedented times…

If you’re able, today, try to gain a bit of a breather.

There is much in store up ahead, either way… best to gain some stamina—physical, emotional, or otherwise.

Back of every noble life are the principles that have fashioned it.

—George Horace Lorimer

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