Hey y’all, dearest readers, I feel as though I have failed you a smidge through this year—failing to acknowledge you and appreciate you and share my gratitude for you and your time.

{{{{{{{thank you}}}}}}}

I appreciate your time, and as you know, if you’ve been reading my posts for awhile now—they can get a little lengthy…

For those of you who have been reading since the beginning, for several years or months, or to those of you who are reading for the first time—beyond offering a direct translation in navigating your time through a cosmic, astrological perspective, my daily aim is to offer you even the tiniest spark of light within your day.

Some of you read in the morning, and these posts are available each day at 5:55am pacific time when facebook isn’t glitching, or the day before when you subscribe to receive daily posts delivered directly to your inbox

Some of you read these Moon Mood translations at the end of your day in an effort to gain a conclusive understanding of what you’ve so recently navigated, or endured, or to more appropriately articulate how the energies are flowing…

Either way, it’s my joy to write these posts—and it is my hope that my words speak to you when you need them and inspire you, to add a little light upon your path.

Some of you comment on posts regularly, some of you infrequently, and I want to tell you thank you—again, thank you for taking your time to reach out to me, to add, to connect, to share…

Some of you I’ve actually had the honor of getting to know a little more of through casual back-and-forth via message—and I adore this, and I adore you—you know who you are, thank you.

The life of an astrologer can be quite isolating, sometimes even otherworldly, and it can feel somewhat disconnecting or alienating—when I’m seen as something of a live parlor trick ‘ooh, tell me about my sign…’ as if that’s what it’s all about, as if that’s all it is, which can feel so concerning and devaluing… and so generically dismal for the future of astrology.

And so, what I suppose I’m trying to share, is that I value all connections with people, with experiences, with ideals, with Nature… with the clockworks of the cosmos. And I am thrilled from within when it all comes together—when I can witness the astrology in action, as a living experience…

I will also, additionally, be sharing many additional posts through the months through another platform called substack and beginning January 1, 2023 these additional posts will be shared only with patrons subscribing for $8/month, which will not only be a way for you to appreciate me and my time, but it will also offer me a more secure ability to offer you that much more… my daily Moon Moods posts, as I’ve always promised, will always be free.

So, I just wanted to share with all of you my gratitude…

Thank you. You, dear reader, have inspired me every day for the last nearly eight years… thank you for your love, your comments, your messages, and for sharing—thank you for participating in an energetic connection with me, each day and through consultations, as well as with the clockworks—may you always live in the light.

Click to subscribe for additional posts, and I thank you further in advance.

XO, JJ 🤍💫🥛🍯🕊️

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