Virgo Disseminating Moon—December 14

Again, we’re experiencing an energetic BUILDING INTO TOMORROW…

The lunarly landscape for today is much more reserved and restrained than yesterday, considering the shift from Leo to Virgo, which is to say, most subtly: from noticeably expressive to critically questioning.

Perhaps one thing to keep in mind through the hours of today is in the remembering that you are experiencing, in real time, a kind of recycling—as in a re-cycling—beginning again at a new beginning within the most recent of endings…

The energies today are motivated toward “stopping and assessing where you are in any particular cycle of experience and know when a cycle is complete… the suggestion here is that if a situation is not released, [one will] be stuck for another ride, [though] it also alludes to the wisdom of not jumping off in the middle of a spin.”

Whether it feels like it or not—you are being offered something similar to an out-of-bounds opportunity to observe from a bird’s eye perspective your life, your high points, your low points, and perhaps most pertinently and crucially, your cycles and patterns…

Are you living within a ground-level racetrack?

Are you living within a multi-layered fun park circuit?

Are you living within a national park landscape with no map?

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

—Robert Frost

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