Libra/Scorpio Balsamic Moon—December 18

Oh, such a friendly moon—such a connective moon…

A moon that continues to provoke, intrigue, define, and create personal boundaries. A moon devoted to otherness and selfhood alike.

There’s a real quality of un-conditionality occurring… though, simultaneously, there may be a real ‘what’s in it for me’ response or reaction as well. Whether it is you or an/Other, “simple gestures can revitalize situations beyond your expectations…”

If you can do something for an/Other, particularly if it’s unexpected—oh my goodness…


You continue to move forward, toward the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel…

Then… there is very much a sensation of letting go, of release.

And this can really be a real boon for you and your overall sense of opportunity and/or optimism.

There is very much an equilibrium being experienced within—balancing self and other, balancing that with this… and this equilibrium offers an alignment of cosmic clockworks, of inner alignment, of inner connection with All That Is…

What are you expecting?

What is your mood?

Are you continuing to move forward?

Life is what you make of it… today may simply be a reminder to you of the more subtle forms of this that may manifest themselves within your reality… keep on movin on.

As soon as your consciousness is right, God is there… He is not hiding from you, you are hiding from Him.

—Patamagamsa Yogananda

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