Sagittarius Balsamic Moon—December 21

Slight/major correction:

Merry Solstice to you & yours…

Oh my goodness!—what a wonderfully festive Solstice this year offers… so many new fresh beginnings, so many leaps of pure, blind faith—the very best kind… tis looking to be a very merry new year—though I would advise you to honor the sacred praise of Solstice, and to take the celestial energies through the remaining days of this year seriously…

Next year will be one hell of a year indeed.

Best to get your feet set, as my love would say/suggest…


Right off the bat, Jupiter has moved back into Aries, again—yesterday, technically—and will move through these very initiating, trusting, pioneering energies through May. Knowing where Aries is in your nativity would behoove you now—take this seriously, it’s the beginning of a brand new twelve year cycle!!!—that’s a long time to wait before it comes ‘round again.

Finally… for today—the moon’s perspective is quite… hopeful.

Despite balsamic state, its Jupiterian influence rises to the occasion…

It’s important now, particularly through all of these changes, upheavals, transitions, and upgrades—these intense transformations—that we continue to be aware of that which is beyond us, to that which is outside of our control or responsibility.

It is also beyond ourselves, now, that we’re being given a glimpse of What Could Be, if only we understood all that was involved… (and this is where astrologers are really quite exceptionally invaluable—hint hint)

In fact… I wonder, if maybe—if you have the ability to venture out to somewhere unique, or somewhere you’ve never been—I wonder if this might even dazzle that part of your mind within your brain responsible for inspiration or trust in flexibility…

And then the moon opposes Mars Rx through the same degree it connects to Chiron by trine… and this would suggest something of a cumbersome aspect arrangement, to say the least… because the moon in connection to both Mars, specifically retrograde, and to Chiron, also harbors its own heaviness.

Still… in harboring a hopefulness, despite it all—it seems too often be enough with circumstances beyond your control.

Because in this scenario—what you learn and what you know can only open to you more and more… and yet, what you’re unaware of will just as equally keep you from what you do not know or understand.

All in all—this is an ideal time of energetically charged blessings to absolutely and incontrovertibly—fake it till you make it.

Indeed, indeed.

❝Fake it till you make it.❞

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