Capricorn New Moon at 1°33’—December 23

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs illuminates the awareness of the bigger picture, to the larger reality of it all…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls today’s moon the ‘Forgotten One’s Moon’, a moon when “we remember our early experiences of being left out and the feelings and fantasies that we used to tide us over during that painful time… [it is a time when] we look at the ambitions that may have been stunted or set aside because of early trauma, and we re-examine them—perhaps we acknowledge that we have come to a place where they are no longer useful, or perhaps we realize that they might now actually be achievable…”

Henry David Thoreau once wrote that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation…”

Further, we also “confront our feelings about the unfairness of the Universe, especially if we’re the sorts who have been internally complaining about its unfairness for most of our lives, and seeing that unfairness as our reason for never getting ahead.”

Truly, as Kaldera recommends, “it’s a good time to sort out what we are really powerless against and what we might be able to change…”

What are you about to change within your reality that could and would change everything…?

What does your ‘bigger picture’ look like?

Are you fulfilled?

The degree of this new moon illuminates, too—or rather, reminds—us of “painful periods of life that you have survived…”

And so, you are being reminded of what you’re capable of.

This moon is very much about the sentiments that Leonard Cohen may have had in mind when he wrote that ‘there is a crack in everything—that’s how the light gets in…’

This new moon occurs within the first decan of Capricorn, a decan associated with the 2 of pentacles…

This first decan of Capricorn, as astrologer Austin Coppock writes, “might be properly impressed to attain a new position within the world.”

It is a decan that gets real and prepares us for what is to come.

The 2 of pentacles is a card that expresses ‘uncertainty and instability…’ and ‘a time when you have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet.’

This is also a time of changing values—specifically in an effort to take on more… to evolve toward your bigger, larger reality.

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of this card that “much is in play… [that] nothing can stay the same, but within that formula of change there are opportunities—now is a time to tender up your old selves and redeem them for something new.”

This new moon, for as painfully reminiscent as it may be or as emotionally cool as it may feel—this new moon is, underneath it all, an opportunity for you to make necessary changes… and ‘alludes to strength and durability, or survival… the emphasis in this degree is on the indestructibility of expertise and spiritual reality.”

Ultimately, it is through the visions and values—particularly those which are vulnerable to ridicule… what your visions encompass and what you values stand for—this is what you’re being confronted with now—and perhaps it is precisely your vulnerability which is your uniquely personal power now…

How are you empowering your vulnerabilities?

In what ways are you embracing victimhood?

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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