Capricorn/Aquarius Crescent Moon—December 24

Happy Holidays to you & yours—may you be warm from within and open to share your warmth with others, and may your spirit be so blindingly bright…

Depending upon where you live in the world, the moon will likely be in Capricorn through the entire day—with a slight exception for Hawaii and Alaska…

Today’s lunarly energies, overwhelmingly, are inspiring us toward the impossible…

To think large, to dream really big, to envision audacious accomplishments…

Try not to be fooled into fear tactics or emotionally-charged bribes to prevent you from going forth as boldly and as fearlessly as you’re already preparing to do—much of the essence of what this larger-picture inner-knowing is motivating you toward from within is precisely about knowing who you are and what you’re capable of, knowing what you’re worth, and knowing what you stand for… and if you must go forth on your own, you will quickly find those who will support your efforts otherwise.

Still, keeping in connection with those who do support you will prove an invaluable resource throughout your transformational endeavors.

And if you’re thinking it is obvious, or polite, appropriate, or about-time for you to be recognized for something you’ve accomplished, or for something you’ve achieved… and no recognition is given—try not to take this personally… and remember that desperation is nobody’s favorite color.

Should someone not understand your motivations, try not to think you need to push it, or convince, argue or defend… and there’s further no need to rush or risk your integrity, particularly toward yourself, for the flatteries or persuasions of someone else.

Despite the holiday cheer and festivities—if you’re beginning a new behavior, goal, mindset, or ambition; if you’re giving something entirely new and scary and risky and bold a go; if you’re preparing to initiate a proper strategy toward your motivations—you need to be making a plan, writing it down, organizing a schedule and interconnecting goals, and coordinating your lists to your schedules…

Remember—we don’t grow when we’re comfortable. It would behoove you to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable…

Today’s energies are all about rising above in contrast to dwelling in those low spots we stumble into when in doubt, when defensive, when desperate, when deconstructing our own belittled conditioning of contextual reference…

If you feel you need to defend your motivations, you’re likely right—but try not to, particularly to someone else.

If you feel emboldened and empowered, vibrating from within and glowing a golden orb entirely around yourself from your very own frequency… yet, no one is noticing—this is unfortunate, but try to understand this as their lack rather than your inability.

As you continue proceeding toward your motivations, you’ll find time and time again, and perhaps more and more tellingly—that personal perspectives are everything…

Your personal perspectives, specifically should you choose not to adjust, learn, be open-minded, or to readjust your perspective yet again, will be—every time—to your chagrin.

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.

—Leonardo daVinci

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