Aquarius Crescent Moon—December 25

Today’s moon moves directly into a t-square with the nodes while simultaneously connecting to Mars—all through the same degree…

This degree is one that describes ‘going after one’s life goals…’


Who has time for that on such a holiday!!?

May you feel full today, and fulfilled—content and abundant and insouciant… may you be feeling so full you’d prefer to burst.


Particularly upon such holiday occasions…

Sometimes, sadly, this fullness, this abundance, this insouciance—these become easily and quickly resented.

And this is a shame.

Particularly this time of year.

What can I say!? It’s a shame, and I hope not. But I’m reading the energies here—and family get-togethers, this year, might be a smidge heavy.

I hope not. But it’s a potential. I only want you to be prepared—not defensive!—but prepared: for others to not quite understand what it is you’re trying to do.

This year’s holiday, unfortunately, for many, will resemble an interrogation and a guilt trip…

You are likely feeling quite… distinct. Good. Run forward when this—though it’s no need for fanfare, or for the support or understanding of others; this will come later.

As you open your gifts and hug out your gratitudes, show up for your yearly obligation and cheers for the new year—know that in the back of your mind, within the forefront of your awareness and consciousness, lies an entirely new reality that is upon your fingertips… the growth that you are likely game for is so insanely exciting it’s stupid. Seriously. Despite what they say or think of ask—keep your eye on your prize, because you’re on to something…

Keep doing you, boo—and remember where the light shines—because this changes everything. You’ll see…

Happy holidays—sending love and light to you and yours from me and mine XO JJ

As a rule people are afraid of truth. Each turn we discover in nature or social life destroys the crutches on which we used to lean.

—Ernst Toller

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