Aquarius/Pisces Crescent Moon—December 26

Continued efforts in organizing, strategizing, envisioning, and managing time should occur today…

What you’re doing then, in its every quotidian quiddity, is facilitating your time and energy and resources otherwise—projected into the future, according to ‘best possible use of what life gives you to work with…’

Should you possess full control over your goal—and as much control over external events effecting your goal as one could be able to possess—you’ll not only be able to coordinate both the head and the heart of your goal, but also any necessary delegation you may already recognize potentially needing.

Further, your efforts in organizing, strategizing, envisioning, and managing—coordinating, facilitating, and controlling—should, perhaps most vitally, include the very quotidian overview of even the most minute of motions or machinations…

Even the smallest moments within the overall of your goal—these should be intimately familiar to you.

All of the unknowns, envisioned and/or prepared for or against…

Further still, truly understanding how this goal of yours—including each and every protocol associated to each and every detail, both large and small—will actually, in reality, effect your reality… this could be a reality-check, truly.

Remember those personal boundaries and limitations you (re)assessed and (re)assigned a month or so ago?

This is why that was important.

If you haven’t taken the time to prepare yourself, within your actual reality, for your own potential… today is an ideal day to bring doing so.

Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it…

—quoted by David Brier

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