Pisces Crescent Moon—December 27

And now that the moon has moved into Pisces, your continued efforts in most thoroughly envisioning reach and every detail of your potential turns visionary…

And where the skies end is truly the limit here.

In fact, the imagery for the degree through which the moon connects to Mars today is ‘an aviator in the clouds…’ and it’s a degree that illuminates perspective.

Beyond the minutiae of every little thing one must aim to prepare for lies all which overviews it all, a ‘broad-mindedness, exceptional scope of vision, and the ability to foresee and plan effectively for future needs… what seems to be true at first glance may not be, when all the factors are taken into consideration.’

Today, try acknowledging and understanding, or examining, the overall patterns and cycles within your life…

Particularly when you take yourself less personally, acknowledging it all through a more detached perspective—what emerges?

What are you able to connect, within your personal reality, when you consider your patterns and cycles?—specifically planetarily.

Sometimes it’s worth considering so that you may then understand what point within a cycle you are currently navigating, in an effort to more properly plan for where this cycle will inevitably flow… to either continue its cycling—or break yourself from it.

The same cycle will continuously repeat until you commit yourself to healing the root of the issue. To end certain cycles in your life, you will need to say no to things you’ve once said yes to in the past. You have grown much wiser and you know better now. So dissimilar decisions will have to be made this time around. It’s time to extract expired people, energies, and situations.❞

—Robin S Baker

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