Pisces Crescent Moon—December 28

Today could be a strange day…

The moon’s been illuminating a conjunction to Neptune through a degree that, itself, illuminates… we were offered these magical potentials of phenomena back on November 4th and again on December 1st, and today will be the final offering through this degree…

It’s likely that since early November there have been revelations experienced, new information learned—specific to something or someone that typically wouldn’t be considered ‘new’, and new boundaries, parameters, laws or otherwise created, put into place, or defended. Perhaps, too, these were challenged or magnified around the first of December… and now, for today, maybe it would be particularly resolving or revealing or reveling to do what you’re able to to integrate these new revelations or otherwise into your reality.

However this has emerged for you… find a way to honor it in your everyday.

Still—it’s important to recognize that if you’re recognizing revelations, or new boundaries, parameters, laws or otherwise which are not yours… that these are being put upon you or asked of you—then these phenomena could cause confrontation or alienation, and then honoring these in your everyday would be particularly frustrating… and in this case, the option to reject these is valid.

These moments, then, specifically those acknowledged on this last and final illumined day… perhaps these are a signaling to you to, either way, take actions in your reality—to make the necessary changes to empower your potentials, rather than taking them for granted—particularly toward changing your perspectives and preferences and parameters enough to create the potential for new cycles within your reality… and embracing the power to break the ones that keep you uninformed of the moment, creating further challenge and chaos for yourself.

These days are the days of opportunity—and realizing the opportunities are plentiful when you make the choice to participate in the curiosity and open-mindedness of exploring new perspectives, preferences, and parameters.

You can change the place you live, your clothes, your interests, your friends, your religion and even your partner. However, if you forgot to change your mind, attitude, beliefs about the world, how you treat people and how you plan to be different this time around, why did you even bother?

—Shannon L Alder

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