Aries Gibbous Moon—December 30

Yesterday’s energies have you continuing to question the ways in which you remain stagnant or complacent, stuck within the self-perpetuating cycles and patterns and all…

Ultimately, all actions—or inaction—are either motivated by the soul’s instinct to live life… or an egoic fear-based impulse to resist life.

Are you open to life and allowing it?—or are you resisting life?

There’s so much hype these dat days about our souls, particularly that they can break, or require pampering—that they’re otherwise vulnerable or delicate…

Yet, everywhere you look, much of the actual hype is regarded toward the ego.

The ego, as motivating as it can be for us—it typically moves us, literally, for better or worse—can be just as destructive if we haven’t learned to temper its power, as the ego, particularly, requires constant protection and defense…

The soul does not—the soul simply wants to experience being alive, in a body that feels—the soul wants to feel it all, even the pain.

But I digress…

Today’s energies, though absolutely reminiscent of soul versus ego type dynamics, are illuminating these dynamics in a more loud and/or aggressive way—however internally, within…

First of all, the moon squares to a newly retrograded Mercury through a degree that describes duality, of ‘a double choice, and here the choice is between two options that holds equal promise… the emphasis is on duality highlighting the fact that everything in life has both a literal and symbolical value, and that every option open to an individual can be viewed in terms of its inner or subjective value (what it means to the individual) and its outer or objective value (what it means to others)…’

Particularly, as Mercury is newly retrograde, mental flexibility is ideal, but possessing the ‘capability to see both sides of an issue…’ may remain a bit perplexing. Should you be able to, however, you’ll likely open so much in terms of clarification and emotional validation… ‘guard against making any decisions too quickly.’

Further, for as impatiently eager you may be to go go go, to make a move, or to begin that next phase or project or potential—be careful not to rush too quickly into anything… remember that Mars doesn’t station to move directly until mid-January, and so any efforts to actually ‘make any moves’ will be somewhat vacant or impotent, or challenged, until the end of January.

This said, the efforts of ‘resolutions’ then could be particularly frustrating, should you believe that anything will stick…

Further still, take the term ‘resolution’, its root ‘resolute’, which lends itself to ‘resolve’, which suggests something which has already been resolved… a resolution, then, is something you’ve accomplished—not beginning… I’ve never understood this terminology.

But I digress…

The moon will then connect to both Venus and Pluto in conjunction, by square, through a degree that describes ‘new insights gained through the process of reflecting on past experiences from the vantage point of maturity and the passage of time…’ as Venus and Pluto are connecting of their own—the moon is absolutely illuminating these energies, as well…

This, however, a retrograded Mercury will be very helpful in support of this notion.

Further, this degree illuminates “new opportunities created by putting the pieces of the past together in new and productive ways—lost opportunities regained in the imagination referring to gaining understanding, learning from experiences, remembering things long forgotten and the chance to reestablish broken connections, or to take up something that was rejected or passed over on the first encounter, within a new framework of hope and optimism…”

Ultimately, the energies through the month of January should be best utilized toward pre-planning or ‘rethinking things [to] bring new insights and understandings…’ especially if you’re needing to break through old cycles and/or create new ones.

Willingness to live life, now, is essential. And the soul has no fear.

Should you be enduring fear—or trying to resist in any way—this is ego, an ego needing checked.

Words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality.

—Harold S Geneen

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