Aries/Taurus Gibbous Moon—December 31

Despite there being much planetary activity occurring today—as there always is through each month, from month to month—which I am offering to you via my additional posts at jamiejames.substack.com for only $8/month… including the activity of the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as decan delineations and tarot analyses.

As for the moon, which is what these posts focus upon—which, to be clear, will always remain complementary—today’s moon makes no aspects.

This said, the moon does, however, move from Aries to Taurus, remaining in its gibbous phase…

And this would lend itself from a lunarly transitioning between risk-taking and exploring and learning our limitations… which, when experienced in real time, is quite a shift in perspective.

This lunarly shift into Taurus, depending upon where you are in the world, occurs earlier in the day—if not the morning—and so this would further suggest that time spent in both relaxation and reflection will be time well spent… and to allow yourself those creature comforts that are typically reserved for celebration—and celebrate another year endured, another year lived.

Be tender with yourself.

I will be writing a 2023 planetary overview in my additional posts on substack—and we’ve got some celestially inspiring transits and ingresses for the new year…

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Happy New Year, dear readers and friends—wishing you an incredible new year, and the personal will and moxie to pursue it all… XO JJ

If you start Forrest Gump at exactly 10:38:57 PM on New Years Eve, you can ring in the new year with Lieutenant Dan.

—stained Hanes

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