Taurus Gibbous Moon—January 1, 2023

Happy New Year!—it is looking to be a year of powerful changes and empowering aspirations, should you choose to participate through strategic action and personal gumption…

This first day of a new year introduces the moon connecting to the North Node, Uranus, the sun, and a building square to Saturn exact tomorrow—through degrees that encourage preparedness and review, and refining communicational skills. Most specifically, “the care required to bring any creative project to [eventual] fruition…”

Today introduces a real reminder that we receive precisely what we offer—that we reap what we sow… that we gain what we’re willing to put in.

It’s a good day to look over all that you are responsible for, all that you are obliged to, and all that you are working to accomplish and make sure everything is being given its appropriate amount of attention or action—it’s also a good day to look ahead through the upcoming months of the entire year and place the appropriate dots of your goals to be connected along the way.

I have been astrologically power-planning the year each year for the last six years and it has made all the difference—my life has evolved in a most magical manner—I highly recommend you do this for yourself, or request a consultation with me to best prepare your efforts through each month.

Anything you do today in an effort to look ahead and plan or prepare will be quite auspicious for you—I recommend you take it seriously.

Cultivate more joy by arranging your life so that more joy will be likely.

—George Witkin

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