Taurus/Gemini Gibbous Moon—January 2

Yesterday’s lunarly build toward its square to Saturn, exact today, presents a change—of status, of responsibility, of obligation, of heart, of resources…

Obviously this—whatever it is for you in your personal reality—will feel different: foreign, displaced, uncomfortable. Otherwise, ultimately, values are being either questioned, confronted, forgotten entirely, or ignored—in which case today could offer you a much-needed reminder.

Further, the moon will connect to the separating Venus/Pluto conjunction—through which there was a major upheaval of sorts in regard to emotional/irrational contexts, providing little in terms of rational explanation: through which something emerged from the darkness in an effort to shine light… though sometimes it’s hard to look directly at the light after being within the darkness for so long.

And so this lunarly conjunction to this now-separating conjunction—may be opening you to recognizing new opportunities or potentials that were simply not available previously, or within your realm of awareness.

Endurance is everything now…

Finally, it’s a good day to review and update your motivations—and to ask yourself why your motivations are directed in the ways they are… and as the moon moves from a more determined Taurean preference to a much more open-minded Gemini vibration—it may be possible, then, to question your motives, or those of others, much more honestly.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly…

—Henri Bergson

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