Cancer Full Moon at 16°22’—January 6

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon, that “there is no one thing that we should do so much as go outside and salute the silver wheel in the sky…”

Still. There’s a catch. With Cancer, there’s always a catch.

There’s an imbalance.

Yet, this imbalance, inherent within these energies, quietly demands an inner, nearly-natural reverence… though this reverence is inexplicable, and very likely misunderstood.

Much like when we need something—but you fail to understand what’s best, particularly in the long-run.

This lunarly event occurs through a degree that assures ‘small and careful beginnings…’ and ‘new ideas bringing [eventual] fulfillment’, as well as giving and receiving, nourishing ourselves and each other… this degree inspires the ‘emotion of each step of the process…’

That which you are planning, preparing, strategizing, and/or nurturing has value—real value—and has “the opportunity to develop, but will need [further] nurturing, attention, fertilizing, care and hope… things grow and, with time and nourishment, flourish, eventually providing further seeds for the future.”

Shortcuts would no be advised, nor would forcing something that isn’t willing or wanting… and if you’re not trying to become pregnant, do what you need to do to prevent a higher likelihood now—particularly if Cancer is rising in your nativity, or governs the fifth or eighth houses.

The essence of this degree speaks to “a dynamic will to live and achieve immortality through some lasting and significant contribution to the world… the emphasis here is on determination to not only survive but to reach the goal of a maximum fulfillment of personal potential or make the most of what the self can be…”

Although this energy represents movement—it’s not so much actual moving, as in moving forward, as in forward movement… but rather, these energies resemble the movement that exists within a change, within a shift, as within the shift of a tide coming in…

There is a fluidity to be felt at this time, if you’re able—fluidity, with a catch.

Further, this degree inspires ‘taking responsibility for the evolution of one’s culture toward its ideals; willingness to suffer for one’s beliefs; deathlessness to the life-force; inducing others with one’s spirit, ideals, and courage; gathering patrons; doing what needs to be done; exploring unknown territory; and keeping the faith…’

This lunarly event is occurring within the second decan of Cancer, a decan that is associated to the 3 of cups in the tarot.

Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of this decan, that “the second face of Cancer is like a walled garden in which something precious is kept… a greenhouse exists here, to nurture what is beautiful and exotic—but fragile.”

How can you more thoroughly nourish and nurture yourself and your needs?

The 3 of cups is very much a card associated with fertility, and creativity…

Yet, again—the catch.

The catch, here, then, would be somewhat caught between the abundance and the scarcity, between the joy and the sorrow, between the seizing and the stagnation, all presently existing within these vibrations now—this catch caught within the flow of the tide coming in, within the undertow, within the shift, caught within a change needing to be made…

Using only one word—what is it you need at this time?

You’ve no doubt been told, at some point, particularly to those of you living near large bodies of water and shore, that when crabs are caught and put in pails, they will try to snag the crabs attempting to flee—they will catch them with their pincers and pull them back into the pail… now if that’s not a catch, I’m not sure what is.

Today’s lunarly lessons are also loosely associated to Chiron, as well, by a tension-building t-square alignment… so it’s no wonder that this catch you’re likely experiencing is coming to the surface with such pain, pinch, or pull. Perhaps it is, sort of naturally reactionary, that these energies of movement are responding to previously regarded energies of pause?—and this, of course, would feel emotionally tumultuous, quite push/pull indeed… and should you feel a pinch or pull as you’re attempting to either rise above or change yourself in ways unrecognizable to, or preferred by, others—by way of scenery or perspective, preference or stance—remember that this feeling, however unpleasant, is part of the process.

Anything coming into beingness is emerged through pain.


Another perspective of catch within these energies, tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 3 of cups, “sometimes, the way we respond to those who are suffering can actually reinforce the very thing we’re hoping to prevent…”

This is very Cancer shadow. And this also speaks to another view upon the potential imbalance… Cancerian energies can become quite laced with guilt and shame, similar to a snake laced with venom, when no longer needed or when no longer nurturing… Cancer is also one of the zodiacal energies that ‘suffers in silence’, particularly when this attracts needed attention.

Yet, this use of pain is not inspiring light or life, nor is anything emerging other than shadowy darkness.

It’s a delicate (im)balance here we’re dealing with—the impatient underlying sense of urgency for change, for something new, for something unknown or unknowable, for something to learn from scratch as you go, and the pull of that which is familiar and safe and known and understood… and the all-too-natural shadows in between. Try to honor the catch of it—and the pinch—as any moves now would be lateral anyway… until January 22nd.

Tomorrow’s sun/Mercury Rx inferior conjunction, occurring through this same degree, only maximizes the genius of this opportunity before you—to open to something new—to open yourself to receive insightful guidance toward an additional or alternative manner of self-empowering expression.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

—Lao Tzu

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