Leo Disseminating Moon—January 8

Courting confidence in the courage to change—this is today’s illumination…

Resolutions or not—without even lifting a finger—there is power here, today, building and brewing, in simply recognizing potentials of possibility, in recognizing the various points and preferences about yourself and the ways in which you live that could use a little love, could use a little attention, could use a little change.

Sometimes these changes and adjustments are easy enough.

Sometimes these changes and adjustments are somewhat uncomfortable, if not outright ornery.

Sometimes these changes and adjustments are denied or avoided altogether.

Precisely because this celestial ask, if you will, requires an honest self-examination—and this is not always so popular…

So many excuses are defended: too busy, too intense, too much focus on self, too daunting—though it’s actually simply too guaranteed you’ll be that much more capable of so much more and that is absolutely terrifying.

I get it.

But oh my goodness—if you only knew how ridiculously amazing the result feels, and you live this feeling every day…

Not to mention—if you’ve always avoided confronting yourself and taking the time for—what I like to call—a little self-administered psychoanalysis… and you continue to fail to fulfill whatever it is you’re seeking to fulfill—honestly, what would it hurt to try?!

It is very likely that you, in your personal reality, at this time, are confronting a very real change—and for some of you this change is severe, because it’s come to it, because it is was ignored or avoided, resisted or denied for so long… because this is where you are now. And today, in whatever way, the light feels to be shining irritatingly brightly upon it.

Consider all the ways in which this ‘issue’ or ‘matter’ or ‘circumstance’ has limited you and/or your potential…

Be honest with yourself today.

And because it’s no longer a pity-party Cancer moon, but a prideful, confident Leo moon—feeling sorry for yourself or blaming others is no longer an option, if it ever even was… now is the time to get over yourself and do what you know needs to be done.

As today is a disseminating Leo moon, this emphasizes a need to gain such a grip that it becomes genuinely felt by others… this is by no means to suggest parading about—this would be the shadow side of Leo—and would actually turn others away at this time; now is the time to genuinely embrace the need to change, without blame, as well as the illumination of trust somewhat demanded in the potentials remaining unfulfilled—toward all that you are capable of, and all that you have already accomplished.

Today is a day to trust.

Typically, the refusal to change, adjust, adapt, or pivot stems from an inner distrust—particularly if the reason or essence or underlying matter is misunderstood, or not at all understood.

Disengaging is not an option, if it ever was.

Forging forward, just as it ever was, is not an option.

This trust—not just in the cosmos, but in yourself—reflects the experiences you create… trust opens you to more, to abundance, to that red carpet I’m always referring to… and distrust will close you off from all of it—and this version of the universe is a very dark and scary place, indeed.

Our personal reflections can be adjusted as needed at any time—so if you’re not impressed with the reflection you’re giving off: change it. FOMO is nothing but the recognition of your own unfulfilled potentials or possibilities, typically unavailable or unmanageable to you as a result of refusing, denying, resisting or the avoidance to change, adjust, adapt, alter, or pivot. It really is that simple.

We make choices everyday, choices that exist within our choices—invisible, and silent. Illuminated later.

And these choices, more times than not, have something to do with the (unknowing) manifesting of our natal planetary energies—as it’s only when we’re actively balancing and manifesting this zodiacal cast of symbologies that we feel truly fulfilled.

Today requires no action.

Today is offering you simply—a symbolic (or actual, figurative) mirror… to recognize with your mind, acknowledge with your heart, and set genuine intentions to realign yourself. And this essential intention, my friends—to provide you with a measure of symbolic importance—is so beyond a flimsy vow of resolution, this is on par with a metaphorical baptism. Seriously. This has the potential to change the weather…

When you are ready and begin putting all your planets to play in your living reality, and genuinely open to receive… you will.

On life’s journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him.


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