Leo Disseminating Moon—January 9

Today’s influences could feel quite stressed, even intense—yet it’s within your power to utilize these energies…

How will you use these potential challenges to your advantage?

Today’s frequencies of bounce-back could feel powerfully challenging, even somewhat turbulent… something like a metaphorical washing cycle—it’s important to put most of your focus upon the cleansing results rather than the actual process of such necessary reconstruction.

It’s likely that yesterday’s planetary energies offered much—either inspired by the illuminations of the moon or through the brightened light of the sun/Mercury Rx inferior conjunction—and I would imagine that you now feel, if you didn’t before, a new, or possibly more enhanced, sense of urgency percolating within, and underlying all foundations…

There could actually be a clearing out, up, or of that which has become unresolved and mottled.

Could it be that all this illumination—or personal reflection—if you’ve not been warmed and inspired by the breadth of it all… could it be that you might be standing in your own way in some way?

Sometimes the releasing of all the unhealthy details—this process can hurt, be painful, feel uncomfortable…

Though ultimately, overall feelings today could be/feel largely imbalanced. And each of us will take this on in a different way. Something more is how we choose to utilize these obvious imbalances—and so, in what ways will you acknowledge an imbalance in personal equilibrium?

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Most of the shapes of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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