Leo/Virgo Disseminating Moon—January 10

There are three ways to change your life: to have an epiphany; to change your environment; or to take small, but solid, steps…

Epiphanies, however wonderfully inspiring, are typically not an average event, much less something to rely on—the word alone suggests its rarity, and relying on motivation alone to overhaul major transformations isn’t sustainable either. Changing your environment definitely works, as I’ve done it several times myself, with extreme success, but it presents its own obstacles and challenges, as well, and really should be (astrologically) timed—whereas taking smaller, much more manageable steps toward a ‘new life’ is more realistic, and realistically sustainable thereafter for the average lifestyle.

A very early shift, here on the west coast, has the moon moving from Leo to Virgo before 8am—before 4pm if you’re in London—and it may feel like a shift comparable to the magnitudes between the ciphering down of an epiphany to the more quotidian levels of insightfully rudimentary, numerical or alphabetical, know-how…

Virgo simply appreciates realistic maneuvering. And ordering chaos into understandable and recognizably agreeable situations through which to move through.

After all, when the moon is disseminating within Virgo it is the details within the process itself that renders the most satisfaction… because the whole is only possible through each and every part.

Virgoan energies revel in the parts.

Further, feeling obliged to only the quotidian is absolutely the unrealistic way to look upon it all—quite unusual interests can be plucked from the quotidian, as well as shamelessly unusual happenings observed—these moments in the middle are ripe with strangely orchestrated realities…

Of course, everything’s a matter of perspective.

My point, here, is that—should you open to acknowledging some of the details you may have always blurred through, or over—you might begin to notice opportunities within the blur.

In fact, today’s blur may even begin to clarify itself in some way.

My point, even further, is that—should you begin to take back control of your own life and begin navigating it step by step, very strategically and intentionally—the changes you’re seeking outside of yourself to magically be made could actually be commandeered by yourself, for yourself, and isn’t that what magic is anyway?

Magic is making something happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise… contrary to the more popular idea/belief that magic is when something happens for you, or to you, from seemingly nowhere. I suppose if you’re a child, this is reasonably believable—but in the ‘real world’ the magic is actually quite self-possessed, if only you’re willing to command it, and aware of all the working parts involved.

Shouldn’t this be preferable? It strikes me as odd when I learn of anyone failing to utilize this option… which is, sadly, quite often.

Still… many misunderstandings occur toward the parts within the whole—or the correct cycles through which they’re currently living within…

If you don’t yet have yourself a goal or a project to set out after, or a habit or behavior you’d like to quit—and this year, much of the intentioned energies are existing within the very acknowledgement of just the right pursuit—now is the time to choose this particular pursuit and intend to begin resolving it.

It’s your life—and ‘the ball’ is in your court.

But to be clear—this particular pursuit isn’t likely something you desire, or are looking forward to… but something you know you need to do.

Hate to sound sleazy—but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy…

—Tupac Shakur

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