Virgo/Libra Disseminating Moon—January 12

Today’s energies are divided between Virgoan energies and Libran energies, with each frequency resonating between rationality and reason, and reflecting self-questioning…

Further, these reflective self-questioning influences could possibly begin much earlier in the day, through Virgo, as Virgoan energies can become somewhat critical when reasonable obviousness is ignored or overlooked. It’s quite pinpointing, really. There are no excuses.

I know…

There could really be some harshly anointed self-reflection occurring here, I know.

But, hey!—what if you’re on to something, what if you come to something substantial?! What if you see more clearly into the muddied waters that resemble your patterned conditioning…

Transformations are absolutely available these days—should you deserve the inherent evolution demanded through such an endeavor… even if you think you might not be prepared for such an endeavor, such an epiphany, such an event—it is in your best interest.

There’s a lot to think about—particularly if you’re utilizing this time for self-reflection… there is much to consider, I’m sure.

People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant.

—Helen Keller

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