Scorpio Balsamic Moon—January 15

I am honored every day, receiving a daily morning text from my aunt Annee—depending upon what calendar she has each year—typically a meditative quote or koan to ponder about throughout the day, and there was one from December, a Buddhist proverb, “All is changeable, nothing is constant.”


Especially so when the moon is balsamic, in Scorpio.

It’s that time of month again, at this time of year… when the moon is balsamic in Scorpio, it is a time to acknowledge the need for change, to open oneself for potential transformation, and the thorough gratitude for it.

This is not just a moon when we consider changing things within our lives in a way of adjusting or pivoting—because that opportunity has passed… no, this is a time when change is thrust upon us—to the degree that it most powerfully transforms who we are: our identity, our individuated expressions, our inner essence of being…

If you’re not experiencing such a change—today may be one of those days you ponder such an upheaval, and I mean severe upheaval—and count your lucky stars, pray to all your saints and bow in holy gratitude to All That Is for everything you are and everything you have been blessed with or without.

Because the only constancy and consistency in this existence is change.

Especially when the balsamic moon in Scorpio connects to the Nodes.

I was actually talking on the phone with my aunt Annee just the other day, and we were discussing change, and more specifically: transmutation, which is to ‘change from one nature, substance, form, or condition into another; transform….’ and this is very much what today’s moon is consisting of—the ending, essentially, of something which energetically becomes something else entirely.

Yes, it’s change—but more like, change cubed. Transmutations are the response to change… when life gives you lemons, and you choose to make lemonade.

You’ve heard the expression—every never dies, it merely changes in form.

Very alchemical in conception here…

Or, of course it’s always your right to suffer from the consequences of resisting change. Always your choice.

This is the final Scorpio balsamic moon this year—until next January—as next month will feature a Scorpio disseminating moon and last quarter moon, which will shift the energy exponentially… and so this final balsamic moon in Scorpio might find a way to be that much more powerful for/to you.

If you were born upon a Scorpio balsamic moon your life has likely been marked for intensely extreme change and harsher opportunities for personal evolution… and these folks take little for granted—just as Scorpio energies are somewhat intrinsically and inherently aware of death, and endings, in a way that other people just aren’t.

I digress…

My point here—is that today might offer you a way to take something so much more seriously, much more immersively… and perhaps everything you know to be true, here in this place we call home, will demand you feel it—really feel it, or take it on, to take it over and beyond the edge—so you know it that much more intimately… that much more—experientially.

See if you can find a way to transmute any changes occurring within your personal reality—into potentials to become stronger, better, more capable, more empowered, and loving—to choose to open your heart to it instead of closing off or shutting down.

It would also be a really powerful day to tell your people how much they mean to you—to smile at strangers—and to feel gratitude for the very blessing it really is to be alive in the first place… here in this place we call home, as the flurry of life continues to occur.

Sending love to you, Annee—and comfort, warmth, and the most flexible flow you might envision…

And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last.

—Marcus Aurelius

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