Scorpio Balsamic Moon—January 16

You’re likely beginning to feel all the things you’re wanting to attempt, or do—beginning to see all the energies as if they’re already moving forward…

You’re likely beginning to acknowledge the potentials before you.

But you’re likely not ‘there’ yet—you’ve got to begin at the beginning.

There’s much to learn now, and there’s much from ‘before’ that is no longer useful, or relevant, or beneficial, or helpful, or logical, or rational, or reasonable, or resourceful, or advantageous, or even healthy…

I get it—if you’re just waiting for the first opportunity to throw all caution to the wind and really feel all the qualms of it all… or you could just slow the f down and wait a week.

Please remember that, regardless of who you are or what you’re up to or planning, or where you are in life, or what is currently occurring within your personal reality: you are at the beginning.

We are all, essentially, beginning. Beginning again.

Harvest and reward come later. Though, the only thing that ensures Harvest and reward is—hard work. Effort. Sweat. Some tears. Determination. Grit. Moxie.

Please practice patience now…

Please also consider practicing presence—there’s really something to it.

Please take this time—as it’s another day to do balsamic moon activities —to relax, renovate, retreat, or rest… and to acknowledge your strengths, your weaknesses, your fortunes and your falls: it’s another day to thoroughly feel gratitude toward All That Is for being included in what you’ve been included in, with the same amount of genuine gratitude for being forgotten when you’ve been forgotten…

There’s something quite essential, quite relevant, quite valid—in exploring and experiencing your own life in real time, for better or worse.

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A time of love, a time of hate/A time of war, a time of peace/A time you may embrace/A time to refrain from embracing… to everything turn, turn, turn—there is a season turn, turn, turn… And a time to every purpose under Heaven—A time to gain, a time to lose/A time to rain, a time of sow/A time for love, a time for hate/A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late.

—The Byrds; lyrics to ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’

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