Scorpio/Sagittarius Balsamic Moon—January 17

It’s important to acknowledge now—that everything you now know: to understand, to navigate, to love, to care about, to prefer… these were all, at one time in the past, a new idea.

Anything you’ve built within your reality was just that: built.

And hopefully, your reality has evolved along the way.

Or maybe it hasn’t—maybe you took the advice of some idiot schoolmate in your senior book to ‘never change…’ as if at 18 you had mastered everything—as if you were finished learning… to think.

You embraced things, one by one, for one reason or another—one motivation or another.

But at one point, you engaged with whatever it was: for the first time.

Just the same, those things about yourself that were/are less than ideal, less than harmonizing, less than attractive, less than cooperative, less than reasonable, less than flexible, and more or less simply less than in all ways—these were likely, at one point—for the first time: denied, avoided, ignored, resisted, or regressed…

And then repeated whenever necessary.

Even subconsciously.

It’s quite astounding the energies vibrating and seeking escape within ourselves…

The moon shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius relatively early today, shifting from the retreating acts of confronting shadows the last several days to the efforts in recovery that involve specifically trying to understand why the shadows of ‘less than’ were ever ‘securely’ tucked away or temporarily disappeared… and why, exactly, these become, inevitably, projected onto others.

And, as it might very well be the first time: in the effort of transmuting a more evolved version of who you are in this moment—you’ll examine all the reasons why you might have thought ‘never changing’ was even feasible, was in your favor.

This is otherwise known as ‘the socialization process’… with the accent being on that old adage that practice makes perfect.

If you don’t voluntarily begin to work with these parts of yourself it is likely that today could offer you an opportunity otherwise through which you do need to do so anyhow… and this version of choices will likely come equipped with much more emotional struggle—never changing will not be an option.

Essentially what is occurring now is an opportunity to stand on your own, and to explore other ways of doing the being of being you.

As much as this celestial ‘assignment’ of sorts is emphasizing for you to do this on your own—there may actually be a need for you to open yourself to an/Other and gain another’s perspective toward yourself in order to finally acknowledge and recognize some of the ways you come off to others.

This likely won’t feel good. Or encouraging. The first time we do anything can feel overwhelming, and this vulnerability often feels way too exposing for our liking—and if we’ve felt shame or guilt or blame or rejection for attempting to express or expose these parts of ourselves in the past, all the more daunting. I understand. But it will be for the best that you recognize these shadowy projections and energetic blockages so that you can now choose to accommodate it more appropriately.

Maybe for the first time.

Big things are ahead—trust me: find a way to transmute the shadows.

The disowned part of self is an energy—an emotion or desire or need, that has been shamed every time it emerged. These energy patterns are repressed but not destroyed. They are alive in our unconscious…

—John Bradshaw

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