Sagittarius Balsamic Moon—January 18

American paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould once wrote that “life is, rather, a story of intricate branching and wandering, with momentary survivors adapting to changing local environments, not approaching cosmic or engineering perfection…”

How very appropriate to ponder upon a lunarly Sagittarian day—as it may be most directly Sagittarian energies that struggle with this, perhaps, the most: always wandering, always seeking… never quite grasping any of it.

Blinded by the very light of it.

One could argue that Sagittarians receive near-daily revelations… yet, one could also wonder how deeply these revelations—when so normalized, so mundane, so ripe to be taken for granted—how deeply could these revelations actually be immersing within the distracted, ever-obliviousness of the average awareness of Sagittarian consciousness.

Please do not misunderstand—what I mean to infer is that the typical Sagittarian perspective, overall, isn’t ever focusing upon the Now, but rather: upon What’s Next!?

Nevertheless, today may offer you—duhn duhn duhnnn—a revelation.

Yes, today’s energies may inspire the Light, in even the smallest of ways…

Further—particularly for those of you who are Sagittarian by sun, rising, or other planetary pileup—today may offer you the kind of revelation that rises above your typical everyday occurrences… and this is a huge opportunity for you to allow it to sink in—to immerse yourself within the Light—to become illumined.

One perspective of the moon’s connective degree to Chiron reads “here is a turning point in psychological survival with the realization that no consequences attached to revealing a secret or imperfection could be worse than continuing to endure pain alone…”

This revelation, then, regardless of how illumined it may be—might very well be immersed within a realm of pain, disappointment, or conditioned wounding… to think—that you’d rather confront your vulnerability, revealing a privacy even, than to continue considering the probability of being alone, due to some of those shadowy sides about you that you (hopefully) began to examine in the last several days…

I can’t stress to you how essential this examination is for you and your ongoing growth and evolution.

Further, “your greatest advantage lies in being willing to acknowledge your mistakes and trust others to understand and forgive…”

Obviously, much of your shadowy sides are not mistakes necessarily—because these sides of yourself are actually only waiting for you to learn to transmute their powers—though we’ve all embraced patterning and/or conditioning that simply does not serve us, and it likely never did… and technically, this becomes a personal mistake after so many cycles of this—and then personal responsibility becomes highlighted… and illumined.

Perhaps revelations are an extension of our own inner knowing… as John Irving once said, “we often need to lose sight of our priorities in order to see them…”

Please understand that I realize that a heavier emphasis of Sagittarius energies within one’s nativity is merely another way to understand that one’s momentary experiences aren’t necessarily taken for granted—though this can absolutely occur, and you’ll know them by the ones that are unhappy—but rather, to understand most thoroughly the real priorities.

And we all need—and should be so lucky—to receive revelatory correspondences… to be reminded of our most pertinent priorities.

And when the moon is in Sagittarius, these priorities are to be thoroughly and directly contemplated, and not to be taken for granted.

May these revelations illuminate you—and may the Light not blind you of your priorities.

We pass through the present with our eyes blindfolded. We are permitted merely to sense and guess at what we are actually experiencing. Only later when the cloth is untied can we glance at the past and find out what we have experienced and what meaning it has.

—Milan Kundera

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