Sagittarius/Capricorn Balsamic Moon—January 19

Okay—I gotta couple of things for you…

First of all:

Yesterday’s energies were something of a celestial event… subtle enough that I chose not to write about it, but collaborative enough to mention it to you now—yesterday Mercury stained while only an hour thereafter the sun met Pluto in conjunction, both of which occurred within Capricorn.

Mercury stationing—it’s not moving directly until tomorrow—occurred through energies describing ‘tuning in’ while the annual sun/Pluto conjunction occurred through a degree associated with symbolisms, visualization, and intuitive hunches… and so, in other words, this simultaneous planetary phenomena, if you will, suggests a very intensely attuned awareness toward something within your personal reality.

And this could very well be an attuned awareness within the sector of your chart that Capricorn governs…

Because Mercury is quite literally, if not symbolically, paused until tomorrow—this intensely attuned awareness is likely quite extreme—or severe—or acute… it’s no longer ignorable.

Second of all:

Today’s lunarly energies connect to Jupiter through a degree accenting ‘getting everything in order for some new undertaking…’

How timely…

So, from here until Monday—as I’ve mentioned so many times before—is ripe with the necessity for preparation and preliminary pre-planning… especially so as Mercury is stunned, stalled, and stationed.

Especially especially so because the moon is balsamic.

And finally, on this note:

Today’s balsamic moon will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn, shifting from something of an intermediate experience, environment, event, or expression—suggesting something of a flirtation toward something, without any commitment, without any obligatory strings and such—to a place of observing and exploring potential obligations and limitations…

But, keep in mind, that whatever it is you’re navigating—or preparing to navigate—the essence of you toward whatever it is… has nothing to do with obligations. It has everything to do with what’s within you that matters—as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon, “we take a long look at the limits on our lives and consider how we can surpass them… keep your speculations pragmatic and well within the realm of possibility—what you should be challenging is your courage and ingenuity, not the laws of time, space, and physics…”

What matters is within you.

Can you do what you’re preparing to do, or begin, or launch, or open, or initiate, or birth…?

You’re likely very intensely attuned and aware by now—much more attuned and aware of what you’re capable of, and what you’re willing to embrace or endure, or exclude, or eliminate.

Get your feet set—the light turns green on Monday!

…as one goes through life one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.

—Katharine Hepburn

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